Friday, January 1, 2010

Decade in Review:

2000: Moved to Nevada after 18 years of living in Central Florida to live with my Father & Step Mom. Graduated High School & started working a full time job at Sprint & also attended community college part time. Got my first credit card at Macy's. Met one of my best friends, ended my relationship with my high school boyfriend & started dating a co-worker. Went to Hawaii for the first time that April. Bought my first car a 1999 Jetta GTI {loved that car} Moved out on my own for the first time & learned how to pay my own bills & to budget
2001: Still worked for Sprint & stopped attending community college. The 9/11 attacks happened & I am stricken with heartache & sadness. I start having relationship problems & my depression sets in. Got my first fake ID & start parting with my older friends. Also traded in my Jetta for a 2001 Passatt.
2002: Quit Sprint in May & start working for Charter Communications. Trade my Passatt in for a 2001 GTI. I turn 21 & can now drink legally. Boyfriend & I move in together in July & 3 months later I call it quits for good. At this point very depressed & unsure of myself I start parting & I met a new guy in December.
2003: I quit Charter Communications after moving to California to live with new boyfriend. Start working for BPO Tracker  & so happy I found a job I love. In June I leave I leave boyfriend. I decided that I want to move back to Florida to be with my sister & her new daughter. I move to FL in July & met my new nice, who was born June 17th 2003. Run into my ex boyfriend, we start dating. I rent a house from my Mom & Poppy.
2004: I start working for Cingular Wireless in January. Decided that I don't want a boyfriend & I break up with then boyfriend. For the next 2 years I do not date anyone. One of my friends from Nevada visits me in Florida. I quit Cingular & start selling Timeshare for the summer. Then after summer I start working as cosmetics manager & I find what I love to do. Then 4 hurricans hit FL, setting me back money wise so I decide it is time for me to move back to Nevada.
2005: I get my old job back at BPO Tracker which is now Clear Capital. Move in with Lorri & her roommate. Also decided to take up a part time job at Home Depot at night. My sister gets hitched in April. I start working as much overtime as possible at Clear Capital & quit Home Depot. Start parting a lot in Lake Tahoe with Lorri & realizing I am on a path of destruction. I take a visit to see one of my friends in Oregon in July. Fall in love with Oregon & decided to move there in September & start attending the Art Institute of Portland.
2006: After a month of going to the Art Institute I quit due to finances & start working for AIU in January. Was introduced to my roommates friend & we started dating in February. Was laid off from AIU in April & go on unemployment for the next 6 months. I start to realize that my boyfriend is major alcholic & friendships start to fall apart. Trade in my GTI for a 2005 Honda Accord. My nephew is Born July 26th & I am sad that I am not there to meet him. (it was a year & 1/2 before I actually did) Start working for Capital Credit & Collections in September. I learn that not everyone is who they claim to be & that I am better off without certain people in my life this year. In October I get diagnosed with a serious health condition have surgery & am told that I may not be able to carry a child & that conceiving may be a challenge for me as well which leaves me scared & very sad. I met my OC family {some who are now my best of friends}
2007: In February I quit my job at Capital Credit to move back to Nevada only to change my mind & stay in Oregon in & find a new job at My grandfather Herb passes away & I am crushed. I cut my leg open in a parking lot which has now left a huge scare all the way down my leg in April. Boyfriend & I visit Seattle for my 26th birthday & I realize that our relationship is over. My friend & I move in together. Pick up a second job at Old Chicago at night. Ilana introduces me to my future husband the man who swept me off my feet & I am so glad she did in August. He chases me all over but I am unsure about him & about starting something serious. Labor Day weekend I cut my foot open on glass at the river & refuse to go to the hospital. My foot gets infected & I have to take 3 weeks off from Old Chicago & go to painful foot treatments weekly. Thanksgiving I spend with my roommate & her family & realize I am ready to settle down. Call Stephen & confess my feelings. Stephen & I are officially a couple in December & I spend Christmas with his family in Bend.
2008: January 24th we find out we are pregnant & Stephen proposes. I again learn who my real friends are & struggle with having to let certain people out of my life. Start planing my wedding & I pick out my wedding party. Due to being very sick while pregnant I am told if I don't eat more I will have to be hospitalized in March. Trade in the Honda for My 2007 Ford Edge best car ever! On April 24th my Great Grandma passes away & on the same day my cousin gives birth to her first baby. On May 10th I became a Mrs. & I quit my job to be a stay at home wife & Mom. On May 19th we find out we are having a Girl & my Granny passes away on the 26th. Attend my first DTC Managers & Wives outing in Sunriver & went to Hawaii in June . September I attend my first DTC Company Party & 6 days later my water breaks, two weeks before my due date. Labor goes smoothly & on Septmeber 19th 2008 at 2:23 AM I am now a Mommy!! We welcome our little miracle into our lives one of the happiest days of my life!!
2009: In February we bring Shiloh on her first plan ride to Florida to meet the rest of my family. In March Stephen decides to take a store in Washington so we put our house on the market & move within two weeks. I have to say bye to my best friends in Oregon & head for a new beginning with Shiloh & Stephen in Seattle. In April we decided that we want to start trying for baby #2 & that having two dogs in an apartment with an infant is too much for us so we say our goodbyes to our puppies :-(. In May we celebrate our first Wedding Anniversary & my first Mothers Day. My niece is born on May 26th & I find out that I have to have surgery again. In June we attend another DTC event this time in Idaho, Stephen has his first Fathers Day & we find out my sister in law is expecting. In August I have surgery & we take a family trip to San Antonio where my sister in law gets married & Shiloh & I are introduced to the rest of Stephen's family. Shiloh's first birthday was celebrated in September & then in October after months of trying for baby #2 I am diagnosed with PCOS & Shiloh has her first ER visit. For Thanksgiving my dad & step mom visit as well as Stephen's uncle & cousin. In December My mother in laws father passes away & on Christmas & her birthday my sister in law gets engaged.

This decade taught me so much about love, friendship, life, excepting, the circle of life, depression, illness, marriage, life in general, motherhood & family. I had a lot of struggles but also a lot of great memories & I wouldn't change a thing. My life path has led me to exactly where I want to be & I couldn't be happier. I Thank God for giving me the strength to make it through all of my ups & downs & for guiding me & standing by me along the way. My life is all I could have ever dreamed it to be & more. I can't wait to see what this next decade will bring for me & my loved ones.
Happy 2010 to all of you!

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