Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Can't Wait..

So I am getting really excited about moving... its less then a week away. Even though I am so over renting & so ready to be a home owner again, I am still excited to move to our new place that yes we are renting. The things I can't wait for:

I can't wait to have space again.
I can't wait to have an office/craft room again.
I can't wait to have a huge walk in closet that will fit all of our things & then some.
I can't wait to NOT HAVE THREE STORIES!!!
I can't wait to be some what settled in the town that we are probably going to be staying.. or at least I hope so.
I can't wait to start building friendships & start living again. {I haven't really ventured out where we currently live & made the efforts that I maybe should have to meet new people only because I knew we were moving again & where we live currently I haven't found the people to be as friendly as I had hoped.}
I can't wait to start attending church again on Sundays. I never really joined the church like I would have liked to because again I didn't want to build relationships only to say good bye. I have already found a beautiful church to attend right down the street from our new home & I can't wait to join.
I can't wait to have new appliances, new carpet & new lighting that is up to date. Where we live now its a bit dated & basic so its kind of boring.
I can't wait to be able to walk on the floors & not have the floors squeak. {Its been so annoying that when I go to check on Shiloh at night I almost wake her up every time because the floors squeak in every room where we are now.. that was the one thing I checked for when we looked for a new place.}
I can't wait to have full size washer & dryer again & not stackable ones.
I can't wait to not have to bring all my groceries from the car up a flight of stairs with a toddler in hand.
I can't wait till I can have my back windows open & have privacy & not feel like everyone is looking in who walks by.
I can't wait to have an actual two car garage again so that both of our vehicles car park inside.
I can't wait to have central heat & not these retarded wall heaters that in my opinion do not work well at all.
I can't wait to have an actual laundry room & not a small closet in Shiloh's bathroom for the washer & dryer.
The biggest thing I can't wait for is having my husband home before 8:00 PM on work nights & for him to not be tired all the time & be able to eat dinner as a family again.
So once the move is done & over with I will be one happy camper.. until then I am running around packing, stressing about not getting it all done & having lots of sleepless night because I have a million thoughts running through my head about moving ugh :-) Good Times!

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