Monday, February 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

So on Friday I went grocery shopping alone.. yes you heard me correctly ALONE.. no Shiloh or Stephen. I think this is probably only the second time I have ever done this since getting married or having Shiloh.. crazy right! Anyways.. on the way home I was stuck in traffic & behind an unmarked brown creepy van. It was beautiful day out so I had my sunroof open & windows down jamming to my music when I noticed the guy in the creep van staring at me.. I looked away really fast & when I looked back he had rolled his window up just so I could only see his eyes {creepy}. So it of course was NOT ME who starting having anxiety of the creeping van following me home & kidnapping me as I unload my car.. no I would never think that this creepy unmarked van had a driver that kidnaps people.. especially not mom's who have no make up on & her hair a mess.. I mean why would I ever think something so crazy.. I guess its because our country has turned into such a scary place & its NOT ME that now has a constant fear that lives within her on a daily basis.

So we have all been pretty sick in our house.. so sick that on Saturday I woke up with a fever of 102.. so it was NOT ME who in a panic call my mommy {yes I refer to her as mommy when something is wrong & I am not ashamed} asking her what could possibly wrong with me. I mean what 20 something still calls her mom when she is sick? I then did not almost start crying when she told me she thought I had strep.. no I would never be so afraid of a cold. So after hanging up with my mommy I get Shiloh & myself dressed & head to the urgent care. Once I arrived the front desk asked my symptoms.. & it was NOT ME who then replied in a whisper afraid others would hear me & freak out when I said "I think I have strep". Then it was NOT ME who then had to wear a mask while she waited to be seen either :-(

So my loving caring husband allowed me to sleep in on Sunday since for the last week Shiloh has been up every night due to her cough.. crying & having a hard time falling back a sleep & its been me getting her since Stephen has to work. So it was NOT ME who took full advantage of this & slept till almost noon.. no way what mom sleeps till noon unless she works a night shift.. not this mama! Thanks hubby I love you!

Well that is this weeks not me mama for ya! If you enjoy mine then you should head over to MckMama's & read some of the ones posted on her page as well!  

Have a wonderful week!

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