Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Favorite US Cities

1. I love San Francisco!! I is by far my favorite city!!! From the Archetecture, to the food, Giants Games & Shopping.. 

 2. My second favorite city would have to be New York City. Even though I haven't been since I was younger I just think it is so beautiful & exciting! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Biggest Indulgences! 

1. Bath & Body soaps, lip gloss & lotions. I love to smell yummy & I love all their scent. I honestly could open my own Bath & Body!
Picture copied from Bath & Body site.

2. Clothes for Shiloh.. I love kids clothes ESPECIALLY girl clothes.. plus my child always has to have the cutest clothes. {No wonder we have so many hand me downs LOL} 

Monday, August 23, 2010

Pictures My Parents Took While Visiting

My Beautiful Curly Top Girl
The 3 of us at the falls
My Mama & Poppy
 Belly at 16 weeks
Mariner's Fan Already
The 3 of us at the Mariner's Game
Me & My Parents at the Mariner's Game

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Family Times

So I have been at my in laws since Friday. We have had some hot days here in the 90's & with no A/C I would not have been a happy camper so I stayed with them since they just had A/C installed. Man I miss owning a home & having A/C.

My brother & sister in law & their two munchkins came up as well & it was so good seeing them. It's been since May since we last saw them. Having the kids together laughing & playing is the best & I love every second of it. Saturday I watched my niece with Shiloh & man they are a trip. Kylie is 15 months & is such a princess with the most contagious laugh. Her is a video or her giggling for me.

We also brought out queen bed home that has been at our in laws. We decided that we are going to try & get Shiloh to sleep in it since she is not sleeping in the toddler bed. This way one of us can lay with her until she falls asleep & get her back to sleeping on her own. I pray this works!!! So far she seems pretty excited about it.. so will see..

Other then that the next few weeks are going to be crazy busy.. back to my in laws this weekend for my sister in laws Birthday. Then I leave for Cali for my best friends wedding on the 26th for 4 days, then we find out the sex of the baby on Sept 2nd, & then our close friends Jaclyn & Jason's wedding is Labor Day weekend, then the company party the weekend after & Great Wolf Lodge for Shiloh's 2nd Birthday on the 18th & 19th!! So I will try to write when I have a chance if not I will have lots to share later :-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jelly Face

How could I ever get mad at this adorable face..

Question Of The Day: Pet Peeves

1.When you use the last of the toilet paper.. & don't change the Roll.. so annoying!!

2. People who still say Hella

3. Hypocrites

4. Dirty hands & nails

5. People who drive 50 at all times!!

6. People who chew with their mouth open.. YUCK

7. People who blame everyone else for their problems.

8. People who assume I am speak Spanish because my last name is Flores

9. People who are texting while we are in converstation.

10. Bully's

11. People who push alcohol at social functions

12. Parents who don't put their children in child seats or seat belts.

13. People who constantly talk about politics..  I don't talk politics so don't bring it to me!!!

14. People who are ORANGE from over tanning.

15. Know it ALLS

16. When you have an itch on the bottom of you foot but can't scratch it cause you have your shoe on.

17. People who smoke in front or around my daughter.

18. People who have to take there animals EVERYWHERE they go!

19. Girls who wear too much makeup & clothes that are WAY too small

20. Sleepless nights!!!!!!!!

My Biggest Pet Peeve:
21. People who tell me how to raise my daughter!!!! {especially if they don't have kids}

What are your Pet Peeves.. I wanna know??

Monday, August 9, 2010

Question of The Day: To Do List.. What is Yours??

 What is your To Do List For the Day or Week?? I wanna Know??

...Clean House

...Get Eyebrows Waxed!!!!

...Buy a travel container for wipes


...Grocery Shopping

...Clean out the Car

...Do the dishes

...Call a few friends & catch up

...deactivate my Facebook {FB Vacation is much needed}

...Take a GOOD nap since last nights sleep was horrible!!

...Oh & most importantly Shower sometime today LOL

I am sure I will get 5 out of these 10 things done... the other 5 I can work on tomorrow :-) Oh the life of a stay at home mom.. gotta love making your own schedule.. now if I could just follow it LOL

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What A Great Visit

So this morning I dropped my mom & poppy off at the airport. We had such a wonderful week with them & so wish they could have stayed longer. I love how much Shiloh bonded with them & how in love with them she is. I love that Larry aka Poppy & Stephen were able to get away & go on some hikes together & have some male bonding. Stephen & Larry have a wonderful relationship & that makes me so happy. My mom was able to go to one of my check ups & hear the heart beat of Bean which was awesome because she was never able to go to one of Shiloh's. We also had a girl day on Friday at the mall & that was nice. I don't get too much girl time with other adults to often so it was nice to talk & shop.

We had a really great week with my parents.. laughing, catching up, exploring Seattle, A Mariner's Game & had some great food. Its nice to have such a great relationship with my parents & that Stephen gets a long so well with them too. Sometimes I wish we could live in Florida so we could have visit's like this all the time but I know that will never happen :-( I am just thankful they were able to visit & I can't wait for them to come back in January when Bean is born. I have missed my mom a lot & I have missed my family & having them in my life more then just on the phone. So having them here & to see my baby girl & for all of us to spend time together was so important & I am so glad Shiloh knows her Nana & Poppy & loves them so much.

It was a really great week & I can't wait for their next visit.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Baby @ 16 weeks

So I had my 16 week check up yesterday. It was a short but long visit. My appointment was at 11am and  didn't get called back until 11:45am.. so frustrating when you have things to do!!! Anyways, once I was back there we check the heart rate which again was hard to find but she says her doppler was broken so once she got a new one there it was.. strong & healthy at 161 beats per minute. We discussed my anxiety issues & she has put me on Zoloft for now to help with some of it. Most my anxiety is about leaving Shiloh at the end of the month to head to California for my dear friend Lorri's wedding. This will be my first trip solo without Shiloh or hubby since I have been married & have become a mommy. So its wearing on me a bit to leave her for 3 nights & 4 days.. that is the longest I have been apart from Shiloh. So I will start the medicine today & we shall see if it helps.. if not she said there is one anxiety medicine she can put me on but this anti depressant may work. {never thought I would be on anti depressants again but my mind is spinning with worry} Other then that they took the normal urine sample & I opted out for the downs & spina bifida testing. With Shiloh we decided either way we would still love & care for our baby no matter the challenge so why go through all the worry & stress of testing for it.. I am more of a deal with as it comes types of person. I am sure baby is fine & no matter what I have so much love for this baby already there is no way my heart could ever deny it. Once the visit was over I scheduled for our Ultra Sound for Sept. 2nd & for my next check up. The Ultra Sound is to measure the baby growth & it also means we can find out the sex. I can't wait.. I know most would say wait let it be a surprise but I am not  patient person & have so many ideas for a Boy or a Girl so waiting is not an option if they can determine it now LOL.

Other then that I am feeling well finally. I still have my days of dizziness & I am still on the iron pills {when I remember to take them} but I am able to eat most foods again finally. I am getting pretty big I measured my tummy and it is now 43 inches.. so I am sure I look more pregnant now then before :-)

Here is what the bean looks like at 16 weeks. Photo from I Am Pregnant

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Worldless Week

Sorry I haven't been on here much this week.. we have been pretty busy spending time with my Mom & Poppy who are visiting us from Florida... here are some pictures of what we have been up to the last few days..


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