Monday, September 27, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Favorite Songs...
1. House That Built Me ~ Miranda Lambert 
I think she is amazing!! I love this song & I play it non stop in my car.. I sing it loud & clear too & I am proud of it LOL

2. Love The Way You Lie ~ Rihanna & Eminem 
I am not too much into the rap thing anymore but I LOVE THIS SONG!! I love Rihanna so that is probably why & I have always had a secret crush on Eminem.. I think its the bad boy thing :)


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shiloh's 2 Year Check Up

Shiloh is Two Years Old

Weight: 27 lbs 2 oz 50-75%
Length: 35 1/2 inches long 75 - 90%

Shiloh is now a happy smart very active & loving TWO YEAR OLD. She talks up a storm & now can talk in sentences. She knows some Spanish & Chinese. She loves ALL things Dora or Yo Gabba Gabba. Shiloh can tell you what almost all sounds animals make, can count to 20 & is learning her alphabet & colors. She loves to be a princess & she has a princess castle {tent} & princess shoes she wears all around the house. Shiloh is a loving happy little girl who loves other kids & to run & play with them. She can tell you her name & who each member of her family is as well. She has no fear & is certainly a monkey! She is a girly girly but also a tom boy at heart. We think she is starting to understand that she is going to be a big sister but I don't think she will really understand until Gabriella is here. She still isn't a meat eater but loves her veggies & fruits as always. Today she had her hepatitis shot & they checked her for anemia & that came back just fine. She was not happy with the pokes & it was pretty traumatic for her :( But other then that she is right on target with everything & the doctor said she is doing wonderful.

You can also keep up with her growth by clicking here or by click the tab at the top of my page that says Shiloh Rose

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dance Party

Gabriella has been having some serious dance parties at night.. I have been video taping them.. here is one from tonight LOL

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Shiloh Rose

Two years ago today at 2:23am I was blessed with the gift of becoming a mother. For the first time I knew what love at first sight truly felt like & how instantly nothing else seemed important anymore.. & my heart grew by a million. I never thought I could love anything or anyone as much as I loved her. She was the most precious, most amazing & most beautiful angel that I had ever seen.. & since that day my love for her has grown million times stronger by every second of every day. She has taught me so many things in the short two years that she has been apart of my life.. & I thank God everyday for blessing me with such a beautiful smart loving child.
Shiloh Rose is now a healthy, happy, smart, loving & beautiful TWO YEAR OLD who is loved by so many. She lights up any room she walks into & warms the hearts of not just family & friends but strangers as well. She is the most amazing little girl & I am so proud to be her mommy.

Happy Birthday Shiloh Rose~ 
Mommy & Daddy Love You So Very Much❤
Dora The Explore was the theme she picked!

A Princess Tent for a very special Princess Shiloh
Cake Time
Gifts.. lots of wonderful gifts!
Thank you everyone who made her day so special & for all the birthday wishes & gifts that were sent we so appreciate it!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Fives

This weeks Friday five is 
5 Things you Want from the


1. I really need a good set of pot's & pans.. but if & when I do get them my hubby is not allowed to use them!!
These are just perfect!!
Paula Deen 12 Piece Cookware Set in Stainless Steel

2. I really want a nice area rug.. I know we have carpet but we rent so it would be nice to safe the carpet so we don't get charged a lot of fee's plus it adds color to the floor & the baby will love it!!
Safavieh Anatolia Oriental Rug                         

3. So I have been looking for the perfect entry storage with a bench & OMG I love this one!!!
Howard Miller Ty Pennington Hallway Hall Tree and Entryway Bench                          

4. I have been shopping around for dresser's for the girls that match since they will be sharing a room & I really like this one!

DaVinci Roxanne 5-Level 7-Drawer Dresser in Antique White


5. My final pick of things I would like to have would be this twin jogger so that once Gabriella is here.. I can walk off this weight I have gained :)

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Wheel Jogger Double Stroller

Just Me and My Life

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama

Today is my mama's birthday.. she doesn't like to share her age.. but I am sure you all can agree she is beautiful & looks so young still! Most think she is my sister HA!! I love it!!
My mama is the most amazing mama & I have learned so much from her.. she has made me the mama I am today & I admire her in so many ways.. she is my hero, idol & best friend!!

Picture taken by my Grandma Brooks

Monday, September 13, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 things you want to accomplish before the end of the year

1. To have Shiloh potty trained before Gabriella arrives! She will be 27 months I think that is a good age.. if not though I won't freak out it would just be nice :)

2. To be more organized & clear out all the clutter & unnecessary stuff we have!!

Meet Zoey

My parents recently added to our family. Her name is Zoey & she is a Boston Terrier born in June & even though I haven't had the chance to meet her yet since they are in Florida.. I am already in love!

I know I am cute :)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Discount Tire Company Party PAC West 2010

So this year again I was pregnant.. but it was still an amazing party with amazing friends & family. I think this was our families year for sure!! A few months back my little brother in law Andrew the youngest of us kids was promoted to full time with the company. Then last night my soon to be brother in law Sean was promoted to Manager. This is something we all had hoped & prayed for when they announced it last night I was so happy for him & Sandy. Of course my pregnancy hormones took over & the tears fell.. it was a great way to start the party off! Then after dinner & desert {which by the way was amazing!!} they moved onto awards & announced Manager of the year.. our family doesn't get a lot of spot light considering my father in law is the AVP of this region so we never think it will be one of the boys in our family.. so when they announce Joey Perry we were in shock.. complete happiness but utter shock! It was so great to see him up there accepting the award & man that to was emotional not just for me though but for our entire family. After dinner Stephen & I had our couple pictures taken & then one of the entire family. Then I had to get Shiloh from upstairs. It wasn't a long night for me since I am pregnant & I didn't get to spend a lot of time with our friends but at least I saw almost everyone. It was truly a great night & I am so happy for our family!!
I love that my husband works for such an amazing company that truly keeps the dream going. Job security is hard to find anymore & I couldn't feel more blessed to know that Discount Tires continues to shine & grow & that we are apart of such a wonderful company.

My sister in laws & I getting ready :)
My Good Friend April & My Sister In Laws & I
My Dear Husband & I
My sister & brother in law. Joey Our New Manager of the Year :)
My two brother in laws Joey & Andrew & my hubby Stephen
My sister in laws, mother in law & I
My friend Diana & I

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where Were You

9 years ago to day I remember it so clearly. A day that left my heart with great sadness, fear & so much heart ache. I remember driving to school listening to the radio confused as to what they were talking about.. I remember getting to class & all the scared looks on my classmates faces. I remember my teacher telling me we where not going to be learning that day that instead we would be watching the news. I remember my heart aching as I finally saw what had happened.

There are no words to explain that day.. except that I know it was the saddest day America has faced in my life. I remember calling my family back east to make sure everyone was okay. I remember wanting to hug someone but being too afraid to reach out to my classmates.. I remember the tears pouring down my face as I saw the plans hitting the towers. I remember thinking this was a joke no a horrible nightmare!

9/11 changed me in so many ways.. it made me appreciate all that I have, life, family, friends & good health. It made me want to reach out & do something.. help those in need. But it also made me fearful, lost, unsure & angry. Innocent lives taken, families torn apart & America left standing in shock.

I remember where I was, what I felt & the tears.. where were you when the world stop turning on that September Day 9 years ago.. what where you doing.. what did you feel & how did it change you?

Seeing pictures of that day still makes it hard for me to breath.. hard for me to take it all in.. & still very hard for me to understand. I will never forget what our country has done for me & I will never be able to repay or thank the military our Heros enough for fighting for our freedom. I will never stop hurting for those who were taken too soon & for the families who grieve for their lost loved ones. I will never stop praying that this will never happen again & I will never taken another breath for granted.

Today is a day to always remember.. to look back & pray for all those lost & all those still fighting for us as a country, for our FREEDOM!!

Please take a moment & make sure you tell the people you love just how much today, even if you are mad at them or not speaking.. just make sure they know.. I bet that there are families & friends out their that would give anything to be able to say that one last time to the people who matter most in their lives but where taken from them on this day 9 years ago..

I still cry my eye's out everytime I hear this song!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Photo Editing

So I joined Picnik.. I have been using it for its free service but recently joined the premium service & I am loving it! It's so fun to edit pictures..
Here are some of my before & afters:


Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday Button

So it's that time of year again.. Discount Tire Company Party/Prom Time!! I love my husbands company & the parties they throw. My Flashback is from when I was pregnant with Shiloh at the Company party in 2008.. not only did I dance my butt off & have a good time.. but 7 days later we were blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl. Now this year I don't plan on much dancing since I am a lot more tired then I was with my pregnancy with Shiloh but I do intend on having a wonderful time with everyone!

Stephen & I looking HOT as usual :)
Me & Jen.. she had her son back in May & well I am about to POP
Us with my sister in law & Sean
Yep that is me LOL water in hand dancing LOL


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