Friday, December 16, 2011

Well Hello Mr. Santa

Today we took the girls to meet Santa. Shiloh could not wait to tell him what she wanted. She was so excited she ran up to him & just started blabbing about Arial, Eric & Ursula. It was so cute. I was really relieved  that both girls did so well. Gabbie was so tired that she was in lala land & Shiloh couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear. Makes my heart melt.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Almost 2012..

So as this year comes to a close I look back at all the wonderful blessings I/we have had this year.
Our New princess Gabriella Elaine on January 3rd 2011 started the year off amazing.

 Then our family vacation to see my family in Florida & take our First Born Princess to Disney World!

I turned the BIG 30

My beautiful sister in law because a MRS.

We found out we were EXPECTING ANOTHER BABY!!!!

We Moved Back To Oregon so Stephen could open & run a NEW America's Tire Store

& We found out we were being blessed with a THIRD PRINCESS!!

This year has been a busy one.. but we have been so blessed! I loving our growing  family. I am fortunate to have healthy beautiful girls! Some of the most amazing family & friends. My photography is taking off which is a dream come true  & even though I can't wait to see where the future takes us I am so happy with where we are currently. 

Next year I have a list of things I want to work on & change.. some I have already started others will have to wait until baby is here but I couldn't be more happy or proud then I am today! 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My 2 Beauties

Today it was just beautiful out. The sun was shinning & it was a chilly 40 degree's but I had to get us out & take advantage of the lighting! We have a few parks near us so I picked one with good lighting & was able to get a few good shots in. Shiloh is going through some stage where she is super emotional so we were not able to stay long.. I think she was also over due for a nap. So we headed home once her tantrum was in full force.. but here are two of the images I was able to capture & edit so far. I still have more to work on but I haven't had time yet. One thing is for sure is I do have two almost three beautiful little girls.

To view more photo's click HERE

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Boy or Girl

So I am sorry I didn't write yesterday. Things have been so busy. I had our ultra sound in the morning & I had a newborn photo session in the afternoon so my day just ran by me.

But I won't keep you in suspense too much longer hehe..

We brought both our girls to the appointment yesterday to meet their new sibling on the big screen. Gabbie had a lot to say about it now that she is at this gibberish stage & Shiloh was very concerned at first that the tech was hurting me but we reassured her she was not. The tech did some measuring & looking around for a while. She kept trying to get the baby to move because for a while the little stinkers legs were closed lol. But after a while she was able to tell the gender.. first she said "well daddy looks like you are going to have to get a BOY dog because you are having another little GIRL". Stephen laughed & said I am okay with that as long as I get to pick the dog ha! I was giggling because he always said he wanted all girls & well he got his wish. I was just relieved to see her moving & healthy. Boy Girl I am equally as blessed & so excited!!!

So here she is our beauty..
Emma Anne

Sorry they are not so good my scanner is not working so I had to take them with my phone.

So now the fun begins. Planning what bedding we will buy & if her & Gabbie will share a room & making sure this princess has all the things she needs when she arrives in April.

Now to make my registry of things we need. I am sure we will just have a baby necessities party because we are very well stocked up on the clothes, shoes & things like that.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Photo's

Today I finally took some holiday photo's of the girls.. I need to do more because two girls with no nap is not fun to try & capture but here is what I did get.

We also had a great day at church & putting up our Christmas decor. I love the holidays!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stream of Consciousness {Heavy Heart}

I am writing this & sharing my emotions at a vulnerable state so please don't think that I am crazy.. I am honestly just pregnant with a lot on my plate.

Money is always stressful period! But on top of that there has just been a lot happening in our family things that effect all of us weather we want them to or not. On top of it I am planning for our third child, we have taken a pay cut & I am trying my hardest to bring in extra income with my photography & Scentsy. Lately I feel overwhelmed I just look at our space & wonder how we all will fit, I look at our budget & how tight it is & pray things start to take off with Stephen's store. So far Stephen's store has done awesome but we could really use some snow, my photography is slowly getting busy & Scentsy so far in the month since I joined has been amazing but I still hope to be more successful. I want to own a home again & that has been huge in my head lately. We can't buy until October of next year so that means weather we want to or not we are stuck in this apartment until then & after April there will be five of us. Mind you I am thankful we have a place to live & know there are many other families in worse situations. I just wish we could own again like NOW & it's hitting me hard.. really hard lately. I think it's because with every move we loose stuff or misplace it or it breaks. I look at these cute little girls rooms painted & decorated & I want that for my girls, I want a nursery for my new baby & for the kids to not have to share a room & to have space for all there toys. I feel like finding a place for anything anymore is pointless & finding things that are put away just frustrates me because I can't remember where it is. "Is it in our porch storage or our larger storage?" I just feel so overwhelmed & I don't know even where to begin to organize it all.

On top of wanting home ownership I have just felt so down lately. Things are getting to me more then normal. I am an emotional wreak! My patients are thin & I feel like I am avoiding the most important things or people!! My children I know are affected by me being down.. crying isn't something I used to do in front of them.. I never cried really before & if I did I could control it until I showered or when I could be alone. But lately I can't hold it in & Shiloh is consoling me.. my three year old comforting me in my dark moments.. that to me is NOT okay!! I am spending so much time promoting my photography to get gigs or my Scentsy that I feel like I am taking away from my children too. Playing with them, teaching them & doing things a stay at home mom should be doing. But I am doing any & all things to bring in extra money for us.

Now with baby #3 on its way.. I am feeling scared & sort of sad that I haven't been as on top of it like I was with the girls. I feel like my excitement for baby is low & the joy of having a new baby is hard because I want to give my kids the world & I am scared I am failing at that. I guess negative comments from people who at one point were our close friends has made me keep my happiness & sharing less because I don't want to be judged. I mean yeah I had Gabbie 11 months ago & we are expecting our third baby now in 5 months or less. Yeah they will be close in age & yeah it will be a lot.. but you know what I love being a mom & I always wanted my children close in age & even though money is tight, we are NOT poor & far from not being able to give our children what they need. I think the people who have had hurtful things to say have made it hard for me to share & blog about it because I wonder if others feel so negative about it as well. I know I shouldn't care what others think but I am human & it still hurts.

So when I say my heart is heavy.. I just have a lot of emotional, mommy, pregnancy, money, future stuff in my head & heart that I am trying to figure out & it just feel so heavy right now. Today was such a rough day.. it started good. I mean the girls slept in until 9:30am.. & that was much needed. Then we headed out to do some Christmas Shopping & it all the fun & happiness was shot down when Shiloh some how lost her purse that had her $10 in it she had saved to buy herself something special, from the car to the store. We retraced our steps looked on chairs under display's went back to the car looked through the car, under the car, asked customer services & then gave up. So here I am in the store with my 3 yr old in tears.. & I am trying to explain to her that it was gone & to try & remember where she last had it. I wanted to cry.. my heart hurt so bad.. & then I was angry. Angry that someone found a Tinkerbell purse & didn't turn it in.. or see her drop it & tell us. It killed me all day! I figured I would sleep today for nap in hopes that when I wake up my heart would have stopped hurting but I couldn't sleep. I was still so angry.. so I cleaned, something that I haven't wanted or had motivation to do in forever. Then Shiloh came out crying again for her purse.. & asked me to lay with her & I told her mommy couldn't that she was cleaning & then I felt horrible again because she said "mommy I need you to lay for you" but I couldn't lay there.. my mind just spins & I want to cry. So I told her lets not take a nap today lets just have a snack & work on a learning books instead. I started to feel better.. it felt good to work with her on them & to interact together one on one. I slowly forgot about it until I looked at the clock & noticed it was 6:30pm & Stephen wasn't home. When he did get home I asked where he had been & he said he had gone back to the store to search for the purse & to check with customer service, but I could tell by his sad eyes it was a no. I have such a great husband. I am so thankful for him.. I may be an emotional wreak but he is my rock. Later on I was getting all my CD's together of our pictures & I noticed I was missing the one with all my belly shots of me pregnant with Gabbie. We search the entire house & I couldn't find it.. I slowly felt my heart pounding & my eyes fill with saddness & I fell apart.. I think all my emotions just caught up with me.. so I took my dinner & went into our room & shut the door, turned on my HGTV & cried. I think I needed to cry.. alone & just let it out.. so I did. Then about a half hour later Stephen came in with the disk.. he had found it behind the TV. He hugged me & told me to take some time for me.. & that it was going to be okay. I was glad he wasn't mad & that he understood that it's been a rough few days for me. I needed to get it out.. but even alone its hard to just cry.

I stayed in bed.. & I am here now.. watching a LMN Christmas movie with Shiloh while she has a tea party & hands me a cup & we toast or taste some imaginary food. I love her but I am still sad.. but my girls sure do light up my heart.

I have a lot on my plate.. my heart is heavy.. I worry some days my depression is here again to haunt me.. & if I will have postpartum with this baby since I was lucky & didn't with the last two. I also have been talking a lot with God tonight & asking him for strength & guidance. I have prayed for Shiloh & hopes that she is unaware that someone else has her purse & her money & how selfish our world can be. She is three & she will forget but as a mother I won't. I pray for God to guide me through this & I thanked him for trusting me with so much. I know once we go to church tomorrow I will feel a million times better & my heart will release all this stuff that is causing me so much emotion. It's funny how church has that effect. At least for me it does.

So after this long & emotional day I am here wondering if I should tell my doctor on Monday about all this & see what he suggest or if I should just let it be? I am excited for Monday.. we find out if we are being blessed with a boy or another girl & more so we get to see our little surprise on the screen & I can't wait. I know that will lift my spirits too.

So please don't think of me as crazy.. just emotional.. I am only human & these are just my feelings I need to get out.. & writing them is a lot easier then talking about them out loud. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Car Seat Talk

So now that we are expecting our THIRD baby!! I need to get a smaller less bulky & not so wide converter car seat for Gabbie. This is the one we have now & it has been awesome!

But to avoid having to put Shiloh in the 3rd row I need to get a car seat that isn't so wide so I can put all three kids in the middle row. So here is the one I was thinking of because it's 2.7 inches smaller in width. I wanted to see what other's suggest :)

Option 1:

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Mama

So today we attended our first day at our new church! The girls did great too.. Gabbie left her gabbing for the end & Shiloh prayed & sang along with the rest of us. It was a great way to start our day. I am so relieved we found a Catholic Church near us to attend. I looked into their services & they have a mom's bible studies too on Wednesdays that I plan on joining when it starts up again next year. The church is beautiful too they just finished their new building & are still putting things up so its nice to start new with them. After we left Stephen & I both felt so good & happy that we attended. I hope this means he will go every Sunday with us.

After church my stomach was still sick from the night before but I had to deliver an order that came in for a party I had but we had some time to kill so we drove out to one of our favorite restaurants Bocelli's to have a nice family lunch. Then my stomach hurt worse which was a bummer so we delivered the order & headed home. I really wanted to set up the Christmas decorations today but it was an ugly day out raining & dark & I just needed to lay down so we are going to do that on Tuesday when the hubby is off again. I love Christmas & all the happy joyful events around this time of year. I do however miss my family that is out of state most this time of year but I am glad I have my little family to spend it with.

All day we were discussing baby names & we went back & forth, throwing in other options.. asking our closest friends & family what names they liked best & we finally both agreed on a boy name & a girl name. So that is a huge relief because it stresses me out not having a name to give our child once we find out the sex next monday. I know I am silly but it's the OCD in me, I have to know what to call this blessing. So I can't wait to share the name with you & the sex on the 5th so stay tuned!

So that was the sum of our Sunday Family Day. No one had naps today so we are all pretty tired.. I am the only one awake ha.. but that is only because I got caught up in my editing of photo's. But this is how I found my 3 yr old.. & what I should be doing..
So good night & I hope you all have a happy Monday! 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Baby Name Dilemma

I feeling a bit overwhelmed. We always always have our babies named picked out by the time we find the sex.. but this time.. we are having a heck of a time deciding. I feel like I like names but I don't love them or I love them & husband says "NO" ugh why?? Here are the names we have so far but non are really sticking for me!

  • Austin Matthew
  • Zachary Thomas
  • Isaiah Mathew {Hubby says no to Thomas for the middle name because of the basketball player}
  • Annabelle Nicole
  • Adelyn Anne
  • Kaylyn Anne
These are the names we can sorta kinda agree on:
  • Brennen Matthew {Boy}
  • Brynlee Anne {girl}
  • Emma Anne {girl}
  • Caleb Thomas {boy}
  • Luciana {Lucy for short} Nicole {girl}
  • Christian Matthew {boy}
I think the more babies you have the harder it is to name them haha! It's so weird cause when I was younger before I ever had a serious boyfriend or any boyfriend for that matter.. better yet before I ever thought boys were even cool I had all my kids names picked out.. but now I am having a heck of a time & we find out if this Jelly Bean is a boy or a girl on December 5th.. so I really would like to have a decision made by then. So your thoughts & suggestion are much appreciated PLEASE HELP THIS MAMA OUT!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Have You Gone Wickless?

So a while back about a year ago I had a friend who was constantly talking about this wickless candle that was safe to use around her small children & I was always hearing her rave about how good it smelled & for a long time. So me with my inquiring mind wanted to know more. Once she explained that Scentsy was a product that was made from wax but that it did not require a flame & that the scents lasted 60 to 80 hours I just had to try it out for myself.

So I picked out my full size warmer {they have over 50 different styles & they come in full size, mid size & plug-in} that went perfectly with my home decor, my plug-in that is more neutral so I can use it in any room, 2 room sprays & my 3 bars I placed my order. I was super anxious to receive I was like a little kid waiting on Santa ha! I remember the day I received it. I instantly loved the smell & how it instantly filled my home. I loved that all I had to do was plug it in & put one bar in & I was good to go for at least two weeks.

From that day on I was a huge Scentsy fan & anyone who came to visit was too. Then it clicked in my head.. hey I should be selling this stuff.. with all the people who ask about it & all the people I know man this would be fun & why not? So here I am an Independent Consultant & everyday I am more in love with the product.

I have my own schedule so my family still comes first, I get to get together with some amazing people to share why I love it so much, I joined an awesome group of other consultants who to love what they do & I get to make money all at the same time.

We over a wide variety of products for every member of your family. It's to just for you our lovely warmers & bars/bricks. We have Travel Tins, Scent Circles, Room Sprays, Scent Pak's, Scantsy Buddy's, Fragrance Foam & our newest line.. Fine Fragrances! So make sure to check out all Scentsy has to offer!

I have my own website that is through Scentsy, I have a kit that I bought for just $99 with everything I need to share with others, I get to work towards incentives & set goals that are so reachable, I get to go to fun events & meet some amazing people so that means I love my job & how couldn't I?

I think one of the biggest benefits to using wickless is that it doesn't send off harmful chemicals into my home, our lungs, my furniture or walls. The wax doesn't get hotter then 95 degrees & I don't have to worry about blowing out a flame.

So if you haven't tried it out you should.. you won't regret it I promise & the best part is it's all affordable! So contact me today or visit my website to learn more, place orders, sign up to host a party or to join my team!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Getting Back

So lately I have been in a big funk of not having any motivation to do anything.. I mean anything. No cleaning, no photography, no make-up or hair, no blogging, no socializing nothing. I don't know if it is pregnancy related or my sister in law being in the hospital but I just haven't been myself.

But Saturday I ended up cleaning our living & dinning room & rearranging it.. I don't know if it was because I was going crazy over the set up or if I just had a cleaning moment ha! Then awhile back my best friend had asked me to take some engagement photo's of her & her fiance & well I did this past Sunday! It was so refreshing to get out behind my lens again & shoot! I loved it & it has made me hungry for more lol!!

So we will see if it was just a moment I was having or if i am slowly getting back to myself.

Here are a couple of the shots I got from this past Sunday..

click HERE to view more

Friday, November 18, 2011

16 Weeks

So I know I am already 17 weeks almost 18 but I am playing catch up. I have just had a lot going on. This photo however was taken at 16 weeks! At this point in my pregnancy I am feeling a lot better then I did at this stage with the girls. The only complaint I have is my horrible headaches which are hormonal, from stress & from crying.. lots of crying. But my doctor told me that it is okay to every once in a while like blue moon to take advil but I have only done that once because I don't like to take medicine period. Then my other complaint is my exhaustion!! I don't remember being this tired EVER in my life or having zero motivation to do anything.. it's really odd to me & foreign so it has put me into depress mode a little bit. I just wish I cold afford a maid & nanny (don't we all) just for some extra help from time to time.  But other then those things most days I don't even know i am pregnant.. I felt like I was huge at first now not so much. I think I am carrying low this time. I had a little scare a few weeks back with some spotting & we had an ultra sound done of baby & he as my doctor put it is just fine & quite the mover.. I still have yet to really feel the baby moving around though. But we fined out if my doctor is right & if this baby is a he in deed or a she on December 5th  well the 11th because we are having a gender reveal party.. we just have the 20 week ultra sound on the 5th. But really that is the latest & greatest with our miracle #3 for now.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting My Self Out There

So the other day my sister in law invited me to join her at her church for bible study. At first  I was a little nervous because I haven't been to bible study in years (I know sad) but I have been longing to join a church again & be more involved. So I of course said yes! So then this morning at a quarter to 6am my alarm sounded to get up & to get ready (which is super early for me). I laid there in bed thinking of excuses to just be able to lay there longer & fall back asleep.. but deep down I know that God was calling on me to get up & go! Once I got myself ready & Shiloh we sad good bye to daddy & Gabbie & headed out. Gabbie had to stay home due to a double ear infection but daddy was happy to have some one on one time with her & I was happy to have my time with Shiloh.

So we arrived at church & meet up with my sister in law & her two kiddos. We took the girls to their classrooms & once Shiloh saw that I was leaving her she freaked out but the teach picked her up & I left.. I had to be strong. Then we took my nephew to his classroom & before heading to our group I went to check on Shiloh & make sure she was okay without her seeing me & she was fine. So then we headed to group.

Right away everyone was very warm & welcoming. They introduced themselves & we chit chatted a bit & I felt so comfortable. Then group started & we had a speaker to share in her story or I should say journey through ministry & her life threatening illness. I have to admit I was choked up almost the entire time she was sharing. Her story was so touching & profound & really made me so glad I got out of bed to be there. When she was finished we all talked a little bit & put in our prayer request & again I was choked up by some of the request asked & of course had to really restrain myself from balling over my request about my family member in the hospital.

Being their today really opened my eyes to what I was missing in my life.. church, faith, the security of sharing with other people & feeling like I was apart of something. I know for sure now that I will be attending this group & church on a regular basis & will make sure my family & myself are more involved in the church community & with God.

I think today I have started a whole new journey & I am so excited to see where it takes me, my family & my faith!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Man It Feels Like FOREVER

So I have been way too out of touch with my blog lately & for that I am sorry. Life is just so busy lately. With pregnancy, a three year old & her tantrums & my 10 month old keeping me on my toes its been pretty hectic.. not only do I have all of that going on but I am not an Independent Sales Consultant for Scentsy YAY so that has takes a lot of time for marketing alone. Then we had very close a family member who was in very serious car accident & they are still in the hospital & have been since October 27th. Then my mother & father in law from Texas were here for a week, both of my best friends got engaged & we have planning for their weddings & now Gabbie my 10 month old is sick. 

So if that isn't busy I don't know what is. So its not that I haven't wanted to blog I just haven' had time to sit down & write. The hubby is working late tonight so I kind of have the chance now but I still have the two munchkins here to care for. 

So now that I am selling Scentsy if you need anything let me know, if you are wanting learn more about becoming an independent consultant also let me know it really is an awesome job with some amazing people too! 

Also if you could all say a prayer for my family member who is in the hospital I would greatly appreciate it. We really want them home for Thanksgiving so we need as many prayers as possible.

I hope you are all well & loving the fall weather! I know here in Oregon it's beautiful!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


So now that we are about to have THREE children I am trying super hard to be better organized. The more kids you have the more stuff we seem to accumulate. Also I want storage for the things to keep out of the younger two's reach.

So for starters I want this for our entry..
It is a shoe rack.. I know crazy right.. it's from IKEA!! Here is what it looks like inside..
I love it. Gabbie is constantly getting into the shoes & since I am BIG on NOT SHOES in the house this would be nice to have right when we walk in.

Since we don't have much closet storage here for linens I have to be creative with how I will store most stuff. I have sheets under our bed ugh & I don't like it cause I think of all the dust that is under there so if I could do this which looks simple enough in our bathroom to put our towels I would have room in our closet for the sheets.

I found this idea on Pinterest.. on of the many reason's I love this site.. it helps me find creative ideas.

For the kids are supplies..
I love jars.. I found this idea on Pinterest too!

I love this filing cabinet. Ours is so small & FULL now so this would be perfect!!
again found on Pinterest.

Those are just a few of the things I would love to have & I am working on getting or creating :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bye Bye First Trimester

So today is the last day of my first trimester YAY!! I have been feeling a LOT better {Knock on Wood} but I have also still have my days of not feeling so well. But I am excited that this pregnancy is going by so quickly or so it seems. So far I have gained more weight then I would have liked more then I gained all together with Shiloh but I only gained 13 with her. I am just glad I can eat. I can still wear most of my regular clothes still but I really would like to get some long leggings from Old Navy I have just been slacking LOL
So far with this pregnancy I have noticed blotches on my skin {face mostly} that are darker then other areas. I haven't been quite as sick as I was with the girls.. man I am ALWAYS EXHAUSTED! Other then that I can eat pretty much anything. Ground anything is nasty to me.. but I can eat it as long as I don't look at it LOL I can't have soda or anything high in sugar it makes me feel horrible. I did have that with the girls but I never had issues with soda like do this time. But other then that things are good.  Her are my 12 week belly shots!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Life In Oregon

So we are pretty much all settled in to our new place here in Oregon. I love being back here. It's just beautiful. Where we live is so much nicer then the town we lived in while in Washington. The air smells cleaner & the people are more on our level HA! I love having my besties close & my sister in law & nephew & niece 20 minutes away. Quality of life here I can already tell is going to be amazing!

Stephen's new America's Tires Store is coming together & I love to see him excited about this new adventure. It's like a little kid in a candy store. He can't wait for his grand opening on October 21st & 22nd. I am going to make some cupcakes & bring the girls to the store both days to show support & to be apart of all the excitement too. My brother in law & sister in law are also going to come down from Seattle & Sean {my brother in law} is going to help with the opening which is awesome!!

I decided to put the girls in the same room here, so we could have a playroom for all the toys & so far its been a fight still to get Shiloh to sleep in HER BED, but we have gotten her to fall asleep in there but she still gets up in the middle of the night & cries to come in our room or just crawls in our bed. So it's still a work in progress.. at least Gabbie sleeps in her bed. Now if I could get her to sleep through the night we would be set.

Shiloh is adjusting well. She loves to tell everyone we are in Oregon, which is pretty cute. She loves having her cousins close by & friends to see more often. We found a school to put her in after the first of the year. Its very close to our house & the prices compared to her school in Washington are great & it seems like happy place to be. Shiloh had her 3 year check up on the 4th & she is doing great. She is healthy as can be. I had both girls get their flu shots & Shiloh didn't even cry.. well a fake cry for like a sec & then she was done & asking for her sticker.

Shiloh on her 3rd Birthday
Gabbie too is doing great she is one happy girl. She has found her vocals now & loves to scream at everything.. she thinks its funny HA! She has 4 teeth to front ones on the bottom & to fangs on on top which I think is so funny.. I need to make her a vampire for Halloween. She is walking along the couch like crazy  can even stand for a second without holding onto anything. She does so big & laughs at her self. She nods yes ALL the time & she is drinking from a sippy cup most of the time. She eats EVERYTHING & can pick up her food & feed her self now which is nice. She thinks all food is her food & well yell at you until you share. She is growing so fast & is one healthy girl.

Labor Day Weekend

I am 12 weeks pregnant now. I will be taking some belly shots sometime between now & Sunday to post but I have been sick so I haven't wanted any pictures of me. I am not sure if I have a head cold or if it is allergies but what ever it is is not fun. Tylenol isn't helping & I have had a pounding headache which makes everything worse. But I will live. I have my next doctor's appointment on Nov. 2nd & our ultra sound on Dec. 5th. I really want to do the gender reveal party but it all depends on how busy my husband is. So we will see but I will keep you posted on baby #3.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All of our Babies Growths

Shiloh Turned 3 on September 19th 2011

Gabriella turned 9 months on October 3rd 2011

Jelly Bean had their second photo session on September 14th 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Boy or Girl??

So Since this is our Third & Probably our LAST BABY!! I want to make it fun & exciting {not that having a baby isn't already} but I want to do things outside of the box.. things we haven't done in past pregnancies. So I talked to Stephen & we both thought it would be so fun to have a Gender Reveal Party! I saw on Pinterest these awesome cakes for a Gender Reveal Party & it got me so excited to do this!!
Here is a cake I am just in LOVE with:
found here at this URL:

I am going to tell my new doctor that when we go in for the ultra sound of the babies gender we don't want to know but to put it on paper & in an envelope & I will go to a cake shop hand them the envelope & have them make the cake. If the inside of the cake is pink then we are having a girl & if it is blue then we are having a boy. Then we will have all our closest friends & family over for a Gender Reveal Party {NOT BABY SHOWER} & we will celebrate the gender together.

I think this will be so fun & awesome! Plus I love the suspense of it all & of course the excitement of not knowing & then finding out with our family & friends.

So in the mean time don't forget to vote for Jelly Bean's Gender in the mean time! I am guessing we should find out in December so you have a bit of time but not too much time.. the clock is ticking :)

Also if you have done this or something like this share your thoughts & ideas.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

We Have A Jelly Bean

So yesterday I had my second viable ultra sound & my last doctor's visit with my lovely Doctor M that I have had now since last year. I was so nervous for this appointment because the last appointment we didn't see much so it left me feeling scared there wouldn't be a baby this time either which is any mother's worst nightmare. I just kept telling myself everything is fine.. you have been so so sick, tired & emotional that there was no way that there was not going to be a baby. I knew though that Doctor M was nervous to.. why because she didn't face the monitor towards me at first & she has NEVER done that! I watch her facial expressions & after a few moments she lit up & smiled & said here is you little jelly bean..
I was so happy & relieved. We could see their little itty bitty heart beating away too which is always AWESOME!! She told me I was about 8 weeks & 2 days along. Honestly I was hoping I was further along but that's okay. She gave me a due date of April 23rd 2012 which if we base it off my last two pregnancies & the fact that I delivered both at 38 weeks then I am saying this baby will be here around the 9th of April. Which makes this little Jelly Bean either an Aries or a Taurus. The babies birth stone a DIAMOND which I am sure makes my husband hope for a boy even more LOL & their birth month flower will be a Daisy. I have gone off the Chinese Calendar for all my pregnancies & for others & it has always been right on so this time it says boy! We shall see if it is right or not?

Now that I know my due date & that baby is doing well. Once I arrived home I found a new doctor in Oregon & as much as I fear new doctors the office I called put a lot of my worries at ease. They seem so thorough & friendly. I didn't say weather I prefer a male or female & I guess it doesn't really matter. My doctor with Shiloh was male & he was wonderful so we shall see how this new male doctor will work out. But I have my next appointment with the new doctor on Sept. 28th.

So for now I sit here with morning sickness, stress of moving & completely exhausted LOL just baking this baby away all while raising my two beautiful girls. Life has & will continue to be super crazy busy for the next few weeks as we move & settle but I will update as often as possible.

I am sure I will be posting on Monday because we have a birthday in the house.. my SHILOH ROSE will be turning the BIG 3 & I am sure I will have some photo's to share from her birthday celebration! I still can't believe my first born is going to be 3!!! Where has the time gone???

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where Oh Where Have I been

Well I first want to apologize for my absence from blogging. I haven't been doing much of anything lately aside from taking care of the girls. This pregnancy has really taking a toll on my energy levels & in the past few weeks I have been so nauseous that sitting up at the computer has not been something I have been able to do for a long period.

But aside from this pregnancy kicking my butt we just found out yesterday some more very exciting news... WE ARE MOVING!!! Yep not only am I pregnant with a third baby but we are moving.. & not just down the street. We are moving from our current home in Washington back to Oregon where we started.

You see my husband works for this amazing company Discount Tire Company & he has for the last 15 years. It is the only job he has ever had & probably the only one he ever will have. Anyways he has been a manager for 5 or 6 years now but he has never opened up a brand new store before.. well until now that is. For him this is BIG. I mean its pretty much him getting to start fresh & show the company what he is all about. Not that they don't already know he is a Rockstar but this will really show who he is as a manager & I am so excited for this new adventure. So we are packing up our things & heading back to Oregon on September 24th.

I know crazy right..  that gives me a little over 2 weeks to pack.. so not only do I have to try & get a grip on this morning sickness & lower energy levels. I now have to some how find a way to pack our things, find a way to get it all to Oregon, get all our bills & utilities transferred, new doctors established & this current apartment cleaned. Phew.. I am tired just typing it all. I honestly haven't a clue as to how we are going to do this. I mean this weekend we will be away for Stephen's Big Company Party, then we have next weekend to pack then on Monday the 19th my first born Shiloh Rose turns 3 & then we move.. yikes... I don't know what we got ourselves into but I am determined to accomplish this calmly & as stress free as possible. Ha yeah right! But I know it can be done I will just keep telling myself this on a constant basis to keep me motivated.

So with all that said maybe now you can understand why I have been absent from the  Blogging World & may continue to be for the rest of the month. I hope you can all understand & bare with me.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"OH MOM" Monday {but this week Tuesday}

"OH MOM" its Tuesday not Monday. I know I know.. I was away from home until today so please excuses my "OH MOM" Monday Tuesday.

So this last week was not as crazy as I have had but I had a few moments :)

First off I had to wash Shiloh's bedding because she had an accident & who was the mama that didn't put her sheets back on until the following Saturday.. THIS MOM.. "OH MOM" this pregnancy is making you lazy!

sorry its blurry.. I was not feel oh so great & it's from my camera phone.

Now I am not sure of how many of you still do or have ever watched the VMA's but I did this year & man my emotions were all over the place. I was crying over Britney receiving the Michael Jackson Award

& Russell Brands speech about Amy Winehouse.. just made me super sad..

& then mey BIG "OH MOM" moment was me practically balling over Beyonce's pregnancy announcement on stage...

"OH MOM" why are you being such a cry baby?? Geez.. sissy cries less then you lately!! But I guess its all apart of pregnancy so hopefully this week.. I will not be so emotional HA!

Like I said this weeks "OH MOM" moments are few but I hope you all have some to share. I am going to keep the link up option open till Sunday Morning for this week :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

SOOC Saturday!

So this is a fun weekend Link Up I joined by Marvelous Mommy.. its SOOC {Straight Our Of The Camera} since I am a photographer I thought this would be so fun to participate in.

SOOC Saturday

Friday, August 26, 2011


So since Shiloh was very little she has always always loved to read. You could give her a book & have you read it a million times in a row & she would never get sick of it. She always wants a new book & is always loving her collection of books she already has. She is not yet able to spell or actually read but she will spend hours in her room reading the books in her own way. If I tell her to clean her room I will find her instead reading all her books which makes it hard for me to get made at her because well she is reading right. But I am constantly putting her books away. At nap time she will go in her room & read until she falls asleep.

This his how I normally find her after about 30 minutes to an hour after she has gone into her room. At night time now it is the same. She loves it & that makes me so happy because honestly I am NOT a big reader at all.. I have to be interested in the book to even get through the first few chapters. But I also don't have time right now or long enough silence to read & for me now days when I am in bed its either straight to sleep I go or the lights are out because the hubby is sleeping & I am not a fan of holding the flash light while trying to read HA! So I am so very proud of my almost 3 year old for loving reading & for making it such a big part of her day. I need to work with her more & teach her words so that she can read. I can't wait till we can move & I can have a playroom for them with a reading area so we can go in there in the morning while sissy sleeps & read & learn. Right now its hard because our house is so all over the place that it's hard to find a place to sit & do these things but I just need to do it. Its so good for her & if I can get her to read before pre-school that is such an added bonus. She already has a huge vocabulary & she knows words like "this is delicious" & "that was wonderful" & she uses them in the correct context as well which to me is impressive for her age. I have lots of learning books for her too she just is not too into them yet she just wants to color them vs. do as you are suppose to with them so its hard right now but I know in a few months she will probably be more into them. I think it's so import to work with your kids at a young age & to instill learning & reading on them & get them interested so that when it comes school time they want to learn & enjoy it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sugar Babies

So my favorite boutique Sugar Babies just hit 4000 Fans on Facebook so they are doing a huge giveaway! I buy a lot of stuff from them from gifts for friends who are having  or who are have babies, to lots of stuff for our girls. They have the cutest stuff & some great deals as well. They also have consignment stuff to buy too which is always nice.

They offer free shipping on orders over $99 & they have the best customer service I have had in a long time.

So you should check them out & become a fan & join in on their giveaway you may win something super cute for your baby!


Fan Page:

Tell Melissa sent you at Thanks!!

So Big

So I have been working & working with Gabbie at Sign Language & other hand motions & well she is sorta catching on with somethings & other things she just thinks I am a crazy lady HA! But here she is showing us just how big she is.. with one arm of course because she has skills.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday Funday

So this Sunday we had to get out of the house. Well I had to get out of the house. So I suggested we head out to my in laws for the day. We haven't been over there since Stephen's birthday so I thought it would be a nice trip. Plus Shiloh has been asking for her Gammy & Papa ALL WEEK.

It was such a beautiful day out. Hot but beautiful. Shiloh had a blast playing out side in the water & with her bikes. She rain in the sprinkler, ate popsicles, laughed with her Auntie & Uncles. She had a blast. There was not a moment that child was not enjoying her self.. but then again I wouldn't expect anything less at my in laws.
Gabriella had a lot of fun too. She too loves being outside & is starting to be able to do a lot more. She loves her big sister & playing with her. She loves naps too which she didn't really get a long one yesterday but she had a few. She also go to craw around & scream & laugh. She is such a ball of happiness I love it. I love that both my girls are so happy & so darn cute too!
& to think in a few months we will have another baby to love & watch play with their sister's. Live is really good.. even if I don't feel 100% I wouldn't trade the way things currently are for anything.


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