Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sad To Say

So I am trying to improve the quality of life not just my own life but my families as well. I am trying to pursue my passion for photography all while raising my girls & maintaining a very busy household. It's a lot of work & I have to admit its finally caught up with me. I am exhausted.. worn out.. beat.. & just plain overwhelmed. So I am cutting out the things in my life that I honestly don't have time for or that are causing me stress.

Today is day two of no pumping & day two of realizing it was for the best to switch to formula. I couldn't keep up with the high demand that comes with pumping. I have a two year old to entertain & spend time with.. a newborn who needs mommy happy & energetic.. a husband who needs his wife to not be so damn hormonal & back to her self again. Pumping just caused a LOT of added stress for me.. & brought a lot of tired days that kept me from keeping up with my girls & life in general. I know some people will think less of me for only keeping up with it for 3 months & others will think its awesome I kept at that long.. either way I know it was the best decision not just for me but family as well.

I have also decided to not blog as much.. I feel like a bad blogger if I don't blog EVERYDAY.. I feel like I am going to loose readers & that people are not going to hear what I have to say anymore.. but ya know what so be it. I can't plan my day around what I am going to blog about anymore. If I have some thing to say I will say if not then I won't.. this everyday thing is getting old & fast & I am loosing things to talk about. So I am going to leave it to the important things & throw out all the babbling about the silly things. So if you are a loyal reader you will stay if not oh well see ya later.

I have also decided that FB is absolutely causing me to be a downer almost 75% of the time.. I can't explain why it just does.. I love the connection that it allows me to have with family & friends far away but I am done with others using it as the only way to keep up with us. So I have decided that I am not posting any more pictures on there or writing about what is happening in our lives so much.. if ya wanna now.. pick up the phone or come visit.. ugh!

So with me cutting out those three things I am sure life wont be so stressful so hectic such a downer & I will feel happier. I am trying to focus on my girls & getting them out more & doing things with them. Taking more pictures to capture every moment with them because I am no longer going to take life for granted. I want to focus less on the family who doesn't put forth effort in our lives & focus more on the family who does. I want to spend more time laughing with my husband then feeling frustrated with him. I want to get my butt in shape & not only feel good on the inside but look good on the outside. I want to participate more in helping others & doing maybe a walk for the cure of some sort. {I am dying of laughter at this very moment because my 2 1/2 yr old just came from her room wearing new pants that are on backwards with no diaper or panties & she went to sit in her chair & her butt fell out of them LOL} I want to get my 2 1/2 yr old potty trained. I just want to have more positive in my life & no more negative.. so that is what I am focusing on from now on.. its sad to say that breast feeding didn't work out & that blogging is going to be less & that FB is probably going to be a thing of the past sooner rather then later.. but hey I am okay with that. I have my loving husband, my girls & I am pursuing my passion for photography & right now that makes life great.. then in May we are going to Florida for 2 weeks to see family & to take the girls to Disney World.. the happiest place on earth right.. so its time for some happiness in my life & some sunshine cause lord knows I need it.. this Seattle rain is really getting to me I tell ya!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly Weigh In Week 3

**First I want to say I know that I have been blogging less but I have been trying to get my photography bizz up & running & man it's a LOT WORK!! But I do still love to blog & things should be getting back to normal now.. well until I start getting a large client base.. then ugh I hope I can find the balance.

So on to my weekly weigh in I know that I am a few days off from last week but I have been out of town because my husband had the flu so we went to stay at my in laws so we wouldn't get it too.

I started off the week strong & ended strong I didn't miss a day.. but I didn't make up my missed days either from the week before. I started off weighing in at 180.. & I ended a pound lighter at 179. I am assuming I am at a stand still because I am gaining muscle.. or I had better be!! These sore legs & arms better not be for nothin!! I know that I am though because when I flex I can see the muscle & I love it!

Week 3
March 19th to March 26th 2011
Ending Weight: 179 {um still yuck but hey I have lost 8 pounds}
Waist: 39 inches
Hips: 42 inches
BMI: 28.0
Waist to Hip Ratio: .93 which needs to be at .80


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I am 1 Lucky Mama

I have the most beautiful girls. I know every mom thinks their child is the most beautiful.. & its true in a motheres eyes no one is more precious more beautiful more of an angel then your own children. I am on of those mom who is so proud so grateful & in still in awe over my girls & their beauty.. & I still ask.. how did I create such a beautiful thing.. I am sure most will agree.. especially after you see these amazing pictures I took of my Gabriella today..

Sunday, March 20, 2011

..What I have been up too..

Well I am finally starting to feel normal again.. this cold that took over our household really kicked all of our butts!! But I was able to clean & workout yesterday finally! Shiloh still has a horrible cough & my hubby is still super congested. Gabriella though she is all good & happy as can be :)
Today we had another fun day of shopping.. yippy.. I tell ya my hubby spoil's me & the girls rotten! Any who.. I have also been busy taking pictures of my beauties.. check them out..

I hope you likey.. cause I sure do..

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weekly Weigh In Week 2

Week 2
March 13th to March 19th 2011
Starting Weight: 180.2 {um still yuck}
Waist: 40 inches
Hips: 44 inches
BMI: 28.5
Waist to Hip Ratio: .91 which needs to be at .80
So this week has been a challenge for me because I have been sick... & only getting worse. So far I have only been able to work out on Monday & Tuesday.. today was a no go but I am hoping tomorrow is better. I have been trying to eat better. We bought a ton of fruit so I am making sure that is my main intake. I also joined Jillian Michaels sight to get some more tips & meal ideas.. Jillian She said that 130 is not a healthy weight goal for me that I should be between 140 & 155 so I am setting my goal weight to 140 & I am still hoping to do this in a total of 9 weeks. We are in week 8 so lets cross our fingers. This means I need to loose about 5 pounds a week. So far I have lost 3 so I am thinking its doable I just need to get well. Last week left me sore & feeling the burn BIG time but I loved it & it's leaving me wanting more. I am only going to post pictures every 2 weeks because we aren't going to see changes every week.. or at least I don't think so. So that is my weigh in for this week. I am still pumped & excited to loose this weight & even though I have only lost 3 pounds.. I still think that is awesome! 

A Bunch Of Babbling..

 Time to Rise..
 & Shine

We are all sleepy heads today.. I think this cold is really taking over our household.. which is no fun!! But at least one little beauty seems to be sleeping well.. & long which is helping me get well.

It's a beautiful day outside & we are stuck in doors.. & I am not happy about it.. I would much rather be outside in the sunshine taking pictures.. but I have zero energy for that.

So as you know I am trying to loose weight. So that means I must eat better.. I am trying to eat more fruit & veggies.. & drink more OJ but not too much juice.. manly water. I am trying to make sure I have a nice healthy breakfast so I am not so tired all the time. I am also making sure Shiloh eats well too. So yesterday we went to Costco & we purchased almost every fruit they had.
  • Banana's
  • Blueberry's
  • Strawberry's
  • Kiwi
  • Cantaloupe
  • Nectarines
We already have a TON of apples. I didn't get grapes because I am a little over them at the moment. While I was pregnant that was  a lot of what I snacked on so I am burned out at the moment.

So this morning I once again kept my little Monkey Princess home from school again due to being sick..
So I made us a nice breakfast...
Two Organic Eggs Scrambled..
& a bowl full of cantaloupe, strawberries, kiwi & blueberries..
What do you eat for breakfast to help you stay healthy & energized.. what are some other healthy meal ideas.. do share :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

So baby likes to lay in her bed.. & talk.. but baby does not like to sleep in her bed yet.. so she is still in her bassinet in my room for now.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Making Time..

So I am really trying my hardest to make time to work out 4 days a week. It's hard though with two under two running the house right now & with all the events we attend & my tiredness that keeps me from eating right. But I am so determined to loose this weight it makes me depressed when I don't get my work out in or when I tell the hubby to pick up the fast crap on the way home or when we order pizza. I was doing so great last week.. but then came Saturday & we had so much to do before Stephen's award dinner I didn't get time to fit in my workout & then we ate at the most amazing restaurant El Gaucho which wasn't all bad food just a LOT of food. Then my cold kick back in & yesterday I was useless :( But I am back on it today.. even though I have probably only had 4 or 5 hours of sleep off & on {due to feeding the baby & her not sleeping well last night} I am going to work out today while my babies nap, even if that means I don't get a nap myself.

I am a little frustrated that my Wii has seemed to have so many issues though, so that can be a downer.. when I worked out on Thursday it wasn't reading my movements so I wasn't able to do a lot of exercises cause they sit their waiting for you.. & even though I was doing them they didn't read.. UGH!! I really wish we had a treadmill {even though we have zero room for one} I would love to run but I am so self conscious that I would rather run in my home then outdoors.. not that I could even run out doors right now because its way too cold to have my 2 month old out there for that long. I have also decided to buy Jillian's 30 Day Shred tomorrow & see what its all about.. I have heard & seen others do this & I  LOVE her so I know she has a great plan & that it works. I have also been reading IROCKSOWHAT'S weightloss story & it has me motivated a TON & I want to try some of her tricks too & see what happens with that as well.

I am just tired of being fat.. I know I just had a baby.. but I was big before baby & I want to be thin.. I have never been the thin girl. I remember when I was younger my friend said no you aren't fat.. you are just big boned.. I was like what is that? So I ask someone & they said that if a person is told they are big boned they are pretty much saying they are fat but in a nice way.. ugh.. that crushed me. So I refuse to be the big boned girl anymore.. I want to be the lean, toned, Hot Mama.. that people can say "Damn she has had two babies" LOL I know I can achieve this.. I just need to have more self discipline & I need to know that this is for me.. & for better health!!

Things I want to do to help me keep track of my weightloss..
  • write my weight down everyday
  • track my time
  • take weekly photo's of myself & share on here so I can see my progress
  • write my weekly weight goal on my calendar so I can see if I am on track or not
So hopefully by doing this I can see my progress & it too will motivate me.. will see!

So with that said.. this week is going to be a much better week.. I am going to see the numbers drop on the scale.. not rise.. & I will & can do this.. just watch :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Our Weekend in Photos

On Saturday.. we packed up the car & headed 45 min north east to Bellevue..
We had lunch with the girls Gammy & Papa at PF Changs.. Yummy

After we had our fill of the grandparents we headed over to the Hyatt to get settled in our suite..
& mama of course had to take some pictures of my lovelies..

& of course of myself LOL..
of course my little monkey princess had to be difficult in letting me get shots of her..

but Kristen & Gabriella of course where giving me easy shots..
Then we had some nice complimentary champagne..
& took some photo's of us.. {love us}
& left our girls with our Manny & Nanny {Brother in law & his girlfriend}
& then we headed out for the night to Stephen's Award Dinner for work.. & we had a great night with great people.

But when we returned to the babies.. Shiloh was burning up with a fever.. & early in the morning we headed home to get her medicine & rest.. & we are all not feeling well now.. & have been having a very lazy Sunday.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cool New PSE Tricks

So I am still learning not only my camera.. but PSE & well if you need help as well go to here to Kevin & Amanda's blog & go to her Photoshop Tutorials  she has some really great stuff & other sites to download things from.. Look at my recent edit.. I am in LOVE:


My 1st Edit:

First Lovely Edit with Amanda's help:

& my final edit the one I LOVE:

so I tell ya check her tutorials out they are AWESOME :)

Hope everyone has a super fab weekend.

Show Us Your Life ~ Kids Birthday Parties

So this is my first time participating in Kelly's Show Us Your Life over on her blog Kelly's Korner.. it sounded fun so I said why not.

This week its Show Us Your Life ~ Kids Birthday Parties ~

Shiloh is two so she has had two birthdays but for the second one we went to GreatWolf Lodge. The first one I wanted to be extra special & super cute & LOTS of PINK!


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