Friday, May 20, 2011

Where Oh Where Have I Been

Just to let everyone know I have not stopped blogging.. I am just waiting on my new iMac to arrive to get back into my swing of things. My Macbook is on memory OVERLOAD at the moment so I haven't been able to do much of anything LOL but I shall return in about 5 days or so.. so stay tuned :)

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Do you ever have days where you wake up feeling so blessed to have a new day, to have your husband, children & home that you do? I do & a lot lately. For a few years we went through some hard times days that never seemed to end or that seemed to be on a constant repeat. Not just money but the struggle to have another baby the struggle to find where we wanted to live who we wanted in our lives & how to get closer to family & friends.

Since Gabriella was born all my stress & depression seemed to go out the door. I no longer found myself anxious for another baby or stressed because of money or sad about family & friends who put no effort towards being apart of our lives like they once were. My expectation level went down & I have found contentment. I stopped caring so much about everything & I started being so thankful for what is.

It wasn't just having Birdie that changed my outlook but having my completed family. I think it was a lot of things that changed this we were able to have a sibling for Shiloh, a second child to love & adore, a husband who stress with work was subsiding & money matter's seem to becoming to an end that at one point seemed never ending. I looked at all I do have & the family & friends who do put in effort & I started to be thankful for them. I have slowing made every day changes to improve happiness all around & I couldn't feel better about my choices
Stephen & I just celebrating 3 years of marriage on May 10th & I feel so lucky to have meet & married the most amazing husband, father & best friend. I remember as a child wanting so badly to find love, to get married & have babies & now I look at my life & I can say my dreams have come true. I never wanting anything more then to have what I do at this exact moment. I love my life, my husband my girls & all we have been blessed with. I think finding someone to be your life long partner who is not just a husband but your best friend is the most important aspect of any marriage. I truly am a blessed individual & thank the man above for all he has shown me & given me.

The other day while at the Magic Kingdom I looked at Shiloh laughing & her excited eyes, Birdie's smile & happy scream & Stephen watching both of them with so much love in his eyes & I said to my self.. "I am so blessed". I know vacationing for most is not something that comes easy let alone to have the ability to take their children to theme parks. Most can't afford to even take them a few hours away for a mini vacation & that is what I tell myself when we are able to do these things "Embrace this moment! Savor every second because most will never have this experience but in their dreams".

I love my life & I feel so fortunate. I am done with any negative that once tried to creep its way into my happy bubble & I am going to live each day being as thankful as I can & to make sure I don't take a second of it for granted. I just thought I would share in happy thoughts that are streaming through my head :)

Pictures from our Family Fun Vacation to follow soon!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mommies Day

So this is the first Mother's Day I have spent with my mom sister & my mom's family since I became a mom back in 2008. It was so awesome to get everyone together & spend this special day together. I feel so blessed to be able to share this day with them. Here are some pictures from Mother's Day 2011.
My Mommie & Me
My Sister Nicole My Mommie & Me
All the Mommies in my Family
All the Girls in my Family

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So now that I am not on FB I am addicted to Pinterest.. HA! I LOBBERS IT! If you to have a Pinterest addiction please lets be friends..

4 Month Well Visit

So today has been one crazy hectic day. First I deleted my FB {not my fan page} I am just done with staying in contact with so many & feel like if you want to know what is going on with us CALL or COME visit. Most read my blog which a more accurate way to keep up anyways :)
Since the girls & I were up early I got started on my errands we needed to run before we leave tomorrow for Walt Disney World YAY!! We went to Stephen's work to have him sign his card for his Mama for Mother's Day so I could get those in the mail. Then we went to Target to try & find a pacifier clip for Birdie's soothie pacifier but of course no luck. I know I have one here I just need to find it. But I did find some cute short legging type thingys LOL no clue what they are called & I found a cute tank top & some headphones just in case we get lucky & have some quite time on the plane to listen to our music or for me to watch some photography workshops I have downloaded. Then we went to mail the cards & to Walmart to again search for the pacifier clip with no luck but again I found a cute Mini onsie for Birdie & a Tangled outfit for Princess Shiloh:)

Then our final destination was to see Dr. H for Birdie's 4 month well visit & for Shiloh to get her second round of the flue shot. Man was it not fun taking them both by myself. But we made it through.
Birdie had one oral vaccines & 3 shot vaccines. Poor baby is so sensitive which so opposite of Shiloh. I can tell she is going to be my sweet sensitive child were as Shiloh is my strong hard headed child. Here are her stat's

Gabriella is 4 Months Old

Length 24 1/2 inches 
Weight 15 lbs  1 oz.
Head Circumference 16"

Length = between percentile 25 and 50
Weight = between percentile 50 and 75
Head Circumference = between percentile 25 and 50

I mentioned to the doctor that she still has a lot of the yeast build up on her underarms & under neck so she called in a prescription for that. She also told me that she can not be in direct sunlight between 10 & 2pm which has me a little stressed since we are going to FL.. but we will make due. She said too that since her weight is so good I can give her water but no more then 4 oz at time & to make sure for take off & lading that we give to her especially for her ears & for Shiloh too. She also said to try & make sure that is all Shiloh is getting while in FL since it is such a huge climate change for her & to give it as often as we can to Birdie.  But other then that she said she looks great & is growing wonderfully. So that makes me happy.

Birdie did have trouble with being scared. I am so not use to that because Shiloh is not scared of really anything but Birdie you sneeze to loud & she is scared out of her mind. Makes me worried. I take her out as much as I can to get adjusted to the outside noises but she is still so afraid of everything. Poor baby.. I do worry how she will be on the plane. I hope that it is soothing for her vs. being scary. 

Well that is it for now.. back to getting everything ready..

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Look who is 4 Months Old

Tomorrow we have her well baby visit & I will give you all the details on how that went :)


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