Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"OH MOM" Monday {but this week Tuesday}

"OH MOM" its Tuesday not Monday. I know I know.. I was away from home until today so please excuses my "OH MOM" Monday Tuesday.

So this last week was not as crazy as I have had but I had a few moments :)

First off I had to wash Shiloh's bedding because she had an accident & who was the mama that didn't put her sheets back on until the following Saturday.. THIS MOM.. "OH MOM" this pregnancy is making you lazy!

sorry its blurry.. I was not feel oh so great & it's from my camera phone.

Now I am not sure of how many of you still do or have ever watched the VMA's but I did this year & man my emotions were all over the place. I was crying over Britney receiving the Michael Jackson Award

& Russell Brands speech about Amy Winehouse.. just made me super sad..

& then mey BIG "OH MOM" moment was me practically balling over Beyonce's pregnancy announcement on stage...

"OH MOM" why are you being such a cry baby?? Geez.. sissy cries less then you lately!! But I guess its all apart of pregnancy so hopefully this week.. I will not be so emotional HA!

Like I said this weeks "OH MOM" moments are few but I hope you all have some to share. I am going to keep the link up option open till Sunday Morning for this week :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

SOOC Saturday!

So this is a fun weekend Link Up I joined by Marvelous Mommy.. its SOOC {Straight Our Of The Camera} since I am a photographer I thought this would be so fun to participate in.

SOOC Saturday

Friday, August 26, 2011


So since Shiloh was very little she has always always loved to read. You could give her a book & have you read it a million times in a row & she would never get sick of it. She always wants a new book & is always loving her collection of books she already has. She is not yet able to spell or actually read but she will spend hours in her room reading the books in her own way. If I tell her to clean her room I will find her instead reading all her books which makes it hard for me to get made at her because well she is reading right. But I am constantly putting her books away. At nap time she will go in her room & read until she falls asleep.

This his how I normally find her after about 30 minutes to an hour after she has gone into her room. At night time now it is the same. She loves it & that makes me so happy because honestly I am NOT a big reader at all.. I have to be interested in the book to even get through the first few chapters. But I also don't have time right now or long enough silence to read & for me now days when I am in bed its either straight to sleep I go or the lights are out because the hubby is sleeping & I am not a fan of holding the flash light while trying to read HA! So I am so very proud of my almost 3 year old for loving reading & for making it such a big part of her day. I need to work with her more & teach her words so that she can read. I can't wait till we can move & I can have a playroom for them with a reading area so we can go in there in the morning while sissy sleeps & read & learn. Right now its hard because our house is so all over the place that it's hard to find a place to sit & do these things but I just need to do it. Its so good for her & if I can get her to read before pre-school that is such an added bonus. She already has a huge vocabulary & she knows words like "this is delicious" & "that was wonderful" & she uses them in the correct context as well which to me is impressive for her age. I have lots of learning books for her too she just is not too into them yet she just wants to color them vs. do as you are suppose to with them so its hard right now but I know in a few months she will probably be more into them. I think it's so import to work with your kids at a young age & to instill learning & reading on them & get them interested so that when it comes school time they want to learn & enjoy it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sugar Babies

So my favorite boutique Sugar Babies just hit 4000 Fans on Facebook so they are doing a huge giveaway! I buy a lot of stuff from them from gifts for friends who are having  or who are have babies, to lots of stuff for our girls. They have the cutest stuff & some great deals as well. They also have consignment stuff to buy too which is always nice.

They offer free shipping on orders over $99 & they have the best customer service I have had in a long time.

So you should check them out & become a fan & join in on their giveaway you may win something super cute for your baby!

Website: http://www.shopsugarbabies.com/

Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SugarBabies/64571085897

Tell Melissa sent you at www.theluckymama.com Thanks!!

So Big

So I have been working & working with Gabbie at Sign Language & other hand motions & well she is sorta catching on with somethings & other things she just thinks I am a crazy lady HA! But here she is showing us just how big she is.. with one arm of course because she has skills.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday Funday

So this Sunday we had to get out of the house. Well I had to get out of the house. So I suggested we head out to my in laws for the day. We haven't been over there since Stephen's birthday so I thought it would be a nice trip. Plus Shiloh has been asking for her Gammy & Papa ALL WEEK.

It was such a beautiful day out. Hot but beautiful. Shiloh had a blast playing out side in the water & with her bikes. She rain in the sprinkler, ate popsicles, laughed with her Auntie & Uncles. She had a blast. There was not a moment that child was not enjoying her self.. but then again I wouldn't expect anything less at my in laws.
Gabriella had a lot of fun too. She too loves being outside & is starting to be able to do a lot more. She loves her big sister & playing with her. She loves naps too which she didn't really get a long one yesterday but she had a few. She also go to craw around & scream & laugh. She is such a ball of happiness I love it. I love that both my girls are so happy & so darn cute too!
& to think in a few months we will have another baby to love & watch play with their sister's. Live is really good.. even if I don't feel 100% I wouldn't trade the way things currently are for anything.


So I accomplished what I was trying to do YAY!!! I moved my new blog to my old blog {Melissa's Little Miracles} the reason I didn't do this to start with is because I could never figure out how to get my comment option to work.. but I finally did it & I am so excited I did YAY!!

Oh & please don't forget to re-vote or vote for Baby #3's gender on the right hand side of my blog!!

So if you were following my NEW blog please now follow my OLD blog {this one} Thanks friends xoxo

"OH MOM" Mondays

So today I am starting my first link up. I love linking up with other blogs, reading their stories, sharing mine stories or sharing pictures. I have always wanted to start  my own link up I figured what better time then now. So here it goes.

Do you ever have days where you find your self in a rut.. or doing things you NEVER thought you would.. like forgetting to put your make up away so your very curious, make up loving toddler does not get a hold of it & paint her entire body & your bathroom with it,  days where you put your baby clothes on your two year old & just say ah it fits.. its just a little snug, now let's go! All because you are in a rush to get that coffee fill.. or  when you have moments where your child goes "OH MOM" because you left the shampoo in their hair after they were already out of the bath.. for about an hour maybe two?? Well I have these moments all too often.. I guess it comes with being pregnant 3 times in the last 3 1/2 years. So I am starting this link up to share all my "OH MOM" moments with you & to allow other mom's to share their moments as well & I am calling it "Oh MOM" Monday's.

Every Monday day I am going to share with you my not so great "OH MOM" moments from the past week.. you know the moment's where you are like I hope no one was looking or moment's where your child is all "OH MOM" or you are saying it to yourself in your head like I do most days HA! Sometimes I will have pictures to include to share those moments with you & sometimes {like this week} I will not. So each Monday morning I will post my "OH MOM" moments along with the link up so you too can share you "OH MOM" moments or moment {you can share as many moments as you would like} too & we can all laugh, cry or feel silly together & see how normal or not so normal?? we all actually are.

So here are the rules.. oh wait who likes rules.. Not This Mama!!

So this week was a very surprising.. long.. emotional.. hot.. sleepless week. When you add all that up what do you get LOTS & LOTS of "OH MOM" moments. 

First... lets talk about surprise.. Monday morning at 6:30 AM I took a pee test to see if we were pregnant.. which in my mind or I was telling my mind I was not.. but according to the pee test I was.. but to make double sure.. I took a second test on Tuesday morning. I bet you the baby in my belly was going "OH MOM" you were in such denial.. this is now your third pregnancy so you knew you were you just couldn't admit it.. why because you were a scaredy cat.. do you really think you would get a false positive really?? 

Second... so I went to the Grocery store & I forgot to put Shiloh in a pull up.. which I should know better because the princess has only been fully potty trained for about a month now. But did I remember not me no way. So we are at Wal Mart doing our shopping & of course when the cart is full & Gabbie is screaming who has to pee & RIGHT NOW.. Little Miss Shiloh. So here I am running through Wal Mart to the front of the store to get her there before we have an accident.. which we made it YAY!! But now was the fun part.. holding a 7 month old while trying to get my 2 almost 3 year old on the potty WITHOUT her touching it.. Um Yeah.. if Candid Camera where there it would have been a big laugh. Here I am holding my wallet {yeah "OH MOM" just brought her wallet no purse just to make it that more difficult} a chunky baby & with one arm trying to lift my 32 pound.. YES 32 POUND toddler on the potty while telling her "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!!!"  Needless to say she did touch once but we accomplished what we needed with zero injures & mostly germ free. But Shiloh did say & not just once but a few times "OH MOM"!!!

My third "OH MOM" moment was Saturday when it was HOT not dying HOT but HOT.. I felt bad.. I mean tired.. sticky.. irritable.. emotional...  & just down right PREGNANT & well I just did not feel like moving much from our couch. So I let the girls play.. I played too here & there.. read them books, tickled them to pieces.. played beauty shop with Shiloh as she ripped my hair out a few times & also was practicing sign language with Gabbie for a bit {which by the way she just stares at me like I am a goof}. But then there where moments where I just laid there in la la land.. & all the sudden.. I here Shiloh.. ""OH MOM" along with a giggle & I jump saying "What What is there a bug? Is Sissy okay? Did you pee your panties? What? & Shiloh says "mom Gabbie has water coming out her butt& I see her butt" great leaky diaper.. so my "OH MOM" is tired moment turned into "OH MOM" is so lazy & needs to get out of this funk moment & change you poor child!! {That is my inner mom speaking loudly at me, maybe even yelling!} So my poor babies diaper was so full she could barely move.. & her cute little butt crack was all hanging out as the diaper almost was falling off. AND YES she was leaking but just potty, which was mostly water, which is why she was leaking because she sucked down a 4 oz bottle of water in like 30 minutes, because even though it was an "OH MOM" moment I do change my babies diapers every 30 minutes to an hour.. she just beat me to the punch this time :)

So what was your week like.. what moments had you or your child going "OH MOM"?? Do share I would love to hear them!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

& It Begins

So today I have been so extremely tired, I have had a horrible headache & just one moody emotional prego... boo for that!! I wasn't going to blog but I changed my mind tonight hehe.. I can do that right?

So today was not the best day. It was hot, I was super tired & the girls decided to nap at different times so I was not able to nap. I have this killer headache & I just feel blah. I know you are probably like geez Melissa can you complain anymore.. I just don't miss this part of pregnancy, but I am glad I am feeling this way because I have always been told if you are sick & not feeling your self that it just means the baby is growing health y & strong.

Tonight I was going to cook us a nice dinner but with the heat & zero A/C {I know the NW is crazy} I had to get out of this house in some cooler air. So we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. I was left disappointed though.. I knew I should have gone with my first choice the carne asada salad but no I had to go with the tocos. They weren't horrible but I don't think I will get them again unless they are chicken tacos. Beef just wasn't my friend tonight. But I was full & in A/C which was what was most important.

We arrived home & I still was in my moody emotional state & the head ache still a pounding so what do I think will help a shower.. oh but not just any shower I decided to scrub the shower before taking one.. not such a smart idea. It did not make my head feel any better & just made me want to rush through my shower because I was now tired HA! I guess that is what I get for doing that.

We just finished watch Source Code which was a really good movie I recommend it. But we rented it through Red Box so it was actually due back at 9pm tonight & well let just say that didn't happen. But hubby went to return it anyways & get our free rental & me some ice cream. I hope the ice cream cures the head ache.. but I have a feeling its due to me needing sleep.. who knows.

I guess my whole rant was to share in my oh so exciting day.. & how the sickness has begun... but I am praying it doesn't last! We shall see either way I am still thrilled we are having another baby & still loving the two we already have & spending my days with them even though I am tired & cranky.. which I do need to work on because they probably don't like this mama at all.

I will leave you with this cute picture of my littlest princess standing up in her crib, I stood her up though she hasn't figured out how to do that yet but she does know how to hold on & she LOVES!!

Well have a great night & wonderful Sunday.

Day Off

Today I am taking a day off from blogging. I have a lot of emotions running through me.. & my mind is full of thought but I know its all pregnancy hormones. So I will not be blogging today.. I hope to be back tomorrow. Thank you for understanding.

Have a super fabulous Saturday!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Scrambled Mac & Cheese

So now that I am all the sudden exhausted ALL the time.. I am finding the quick meal ideas for dinner. I love to cook & I love to create yummy meals but my brain is so sleepy & a little on overload right now. So I have been referring to my cooking friend Fast Fix Meals & tonight I made the Scrambled Mac & Cheese.. I have to admit it sounded & didn't even look that good but once I ate some it was delicious!

Here is what you will need:

  • 8-oz pkg. elbow macaroni uncooked
  • 1/2 lb. bacon
  • 5 eggs. beaten
  • 8 to 10 slices of American Cheese
Measure out 1-1/2 cups of macaroni & cook according to package. Then set it aside. Fry bacon in a large skillet over medium heat until crisp. Drain; crumble bacon & return to skillet.  Lower heat & add eggs. Stirring to scramble. Add cooked macaroni, stirring well. Arrange cheese slices evenly over top of skillet mixture. Remove from heat cover & let stand until cheese is melted. 
Cheryl Barkalow created this meal & I take zero credit for this. Copied recipe out of Fast Fix Meals.

New Fetures

So I barely blogged today.. I know what is wrong with me BLAH! No but I haven't neglected my blog by any means. I have actually been spicing it up tonight. I added a few new things.. took out some other things & so far I live what I have done.

So first you will notice I have a little poll going on Baby #3's Gender.. please take the time to Vote.. its something fun & keeps you guessing & I love stuff like that :) You can find this to the right underneath Follow by email. So check it out.

I also added Photo's of US & they are clickable to read more about who we are & what we are all about. The girls have neat scrap logs I have kept for them & their growth over time so you can see their differences & to also see them grow. I also added Baby #3's photo too the list as well & it too is clickable with a scrap log too. So check those out & let me know what you think. I love feedback.

I ended up shorting my about me since I created a button for you to click instead. I also added some of my favorite bloggers buttons to the bottom right hand side too so you can check them out as well. {Oh & if I follow you & your button is not there it's because I either couldn't find one to copy on your page, it was not allowing me to copy a code or because I overlooked it so if you have one & want me to add it just let me know}

But other then that I think that's it for now.. so I am going to shower & get to bed.. I am pooped!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Keeping Track

So I started to make these scrap photo logs of my pregnancy. If you would like to keep up with them Just click the ultra sound picture on the right of the page to check my progress & to watch my belly bloom.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cutting Cost

So I know I have been doing a LOT of baby talk on here the last few days but today all I am going to say about Baby #3 is we had our first ultra sound today & I am NOT as far a long as we thought. I was a little bummed but I am still THRILLED that even though we couldn't see much the doctor said she could see the sack growing like it should & the amniotic fluid building up. She is guessing I am around 4 weeks. So I will be heading back to the doctor on Sept. 14th to see the growth  & get some more accurate timelines & a closer due date but for now I am going with the due date of April 18th.

So one thing that I am always trying to do is make a extra dollar but also saving twice as many in the process. So I thought I would share with you some of my secrets to living comfortable without spending a lot.. especially if you have children!

First I try to stay away from named brand items. Most thing what are you crazy but you know most of the time they are no different then the store brand. So here is a list of things I ALWAYS try to buy non name brand & where I buy them at.

First lets talk Diapers.. okay I was one of those mom's who ALWAYS bought name brand, Pampers & Huges ALL the way! Then Shiloh started to leak.. so I went through a phase where I was trying every diaper on the shelve at every store. I was nervous to buy the store brand stuff & to be honest I didn't want them to give me a complex. But then I tried them & LOVED them. My leaky baby diaper days were over & I didn't care anymore what people thought.
I remember I had a friend on FB who was asking other mom's which diaper's they recommended. At first I still had the complex worry so I was so nervous to share but then I was like you know what who cares.. So I told her I buy the WinCo brand diapers.. I am having a huge brain fart right now & for the life of me I can't remember the name but I think its Cuddles. They are about $5 cheaper then the name brand & serious they DON'T LEAK!! Another brand I have buy lately is Albertsons Baby Basics they too have been wonderful for my Gabriella with zero leaking problems & they too are about $7 to $5 cheaper then the name brands.

Baby Food.. so I have always wanted to make my own baby food. I honestly have zero excuses I have a food processor & I am no dummy but I have only once. Bad mommy I know. But from here on out I am going to really try to start making my own baby food. I am not sure how much it will save but I want to compare that is for sure. But for the mom's who don't wish to spend the extra time to do so then one thing I recommend is to ALWAYS buy Organic.. it my cost a bit more but it is  way better for your family & its not that much more. So I try to find the best deals on baby food that is organic. For instance I went to the store the other night & the Earths best was on sale for 88¢ so I bought about 10. Then I went to Fred Meyer & I found this new brand that I love called Sprout & its not in a jar but in a pouch that is BPA free & recyclable as well. It is also certified organic as well. Its not bulking & heavy to take on the go & its resealable which I love too incase she doesn't eat all of it. If for some reason Baby #3 keeps me too tired to keep up with my baby food making then I will continue to purchase this brand.. well as long as the price is right. I bought 10 for $10 the other night. So weather you make it or buy it I think its what is put in it that is most important.

Grocery Shopping.. I used to shop once a month buying the same things pretty much making the same meals.. blah blah blah & honestly thought it was saving us money. Man was I wrong. Not only did I have a pantry full of unused food but we were tired of the same stuff & started spending way too much money eating out. So now before I go shopping I sit down & plan out our meals for 7 days & I go through our kitchen & see what we already so I don't double buy. Then I try to find as many coupons as I can but I am not a coupon mom & honestly I really don't even know how to be.. I have tried but I really haven't figured it out so if you have the secret that isn't going to make me have to take more then an hour of my day then do share. Another thing I do is I try to buy non name brand unless we have tried it & we just can't compare. Also I used to shop at the high end grocery stores but now I try to stick to WinCo & Walmart. If I have a good coupon for the other stores I do use it however. Also  I don't buy junk food not only is it so bad for you & your family but is so much more expensive. I stick to fruit, yogurt, rice cakes or applesauce for our snacks.

Clothing.. I will admit I could not go into a store ESPECIALLY TARGET & not buy something for the girls. But now I try to just avoid the stores that lead me to impulse buying. Another thing I try to do that my mother in laws taught me is to try to just buy off the clearance rack only. It's hard especially with girl clothes but it does save. Also I am going to try & only buy when needed.One thing that my girls do not lack is clothing. I seriously could start my own boutique. So for all you shopping mama's make a budget for your children. I have it set where I have $20 a month per child to spend on them for things like a cute outfit that is a must, movie or toy. This way you know what you are spending & are not over spending or spoiling.  This is a work in progress for my hubby & I but we have gotten better at it.

Eating out.. we are the worst when it comes to eating out especially when I am pregnant. I have now only had 15 months in the last 3 1/2 years that I was not pregnant.. crazy right so we have done WAY TOO much eating out. So now my alternative to eating out is creating new dishes that in my opinion are way better then what we are paying double for when we eat out. Plus we are eating way healthier which makes it so worth it. So go to the book store or any store that sells books & look through a few cookbooks find at least 10 meals you like & once you find that book buy it. Now make sure the book you are buying is not one that offers high end luxury meals. The book I bought I found at Ben Franklin & it's called Fast/Fix Meals & they are all so delicious! So this is something that will save you so much money, help you become a little more domesticated, give you something creative to do & honestly once you make a meal that your family loves it makes you excited. If we do eat out we try to limit it to once or twice a month but I would rather it be once if at all.

Make a Budget.. Something I have done since my first pregnancy is a budget. What I have done is taken numbers {on Mac} or excel {on PC} spread sheets & each month I write out a budget. I first put in the pay days. I write in the amount we will or should receive that week. Then I add in what bills & groceries below how much & due dates. Then I calculate what is left. Then once I have the entire month filled out I then add in what we can spend each week. Then every pay day I go in & I copy our bank ledger to match & make sure it adds up. Then I go to the next month fill in the same thing & add it all up & then add in the extra spending. I usually do a years worth of budgeting & just fill in everything as you spend & make sure it leaves enough left over for all your bills & then add in the extra fun money spending. It really does help to see what you spend & keep track so you aren't left guessing.

So these are just a few of the ways that help us as a family. I hope they help you. If you have some more tricks do share.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Miracle Baby 3 Belly Shot

So today while out I stopped by my favorite boutique Sugar Babies & was just browsing all their adorable baby items & I got to talking with the sales gal & she ended up showing me some sticky bellies for prego's by Toddle Tags & I had to purchase them. So cute I love them. So I am going to be taking my belly shots with these from here on out!! 

Tomorrow I will know how far along I am & I can't wait & I get my first ultra sound of the baby YAY!! Now I know I will be up all night with excitement.. not that I wouldn't be already due to the insomnia that has already joined me.. but oh well I manage to push through it all.


Well the shock is wearing off & the excitement is setting in now. Even though the insomnia is back & the body aches keep m way uncomfortable in my bed at night.. I am excited for this journey. My girls will have another sibling to love & adore. Stephen & I will have another miracle baby to add to our beautiful family. Our hearts will grow stronger as well as our family & life will be amazing as . My heart is ready & excited to love another child & to care for it. We are already discussing names, decor & what he or she will look like.

Everyone seems so excited for us & that makes me so happy. I will admit I was worried some would think we are crazy & others would not like us having more then two but so far I haven't received negative feedback which makes me even happier. 

We tried to explain to Shiloh that she will have another baby sister or brother but she keeps saying YAY Gabriella.. she is only two so I am sure she will not get it until my belly starts to show. I know she is going to be such a great big sister again & love this baby just as much as she does Gabriella & I think that since she is going to be much older this time around her first reaction will happy & excited & not confused like she was with Gabriella at first. 

I want to make sure Shiloh & Gabriella are as involved as possible with this pregnancy & know that another baby does not mean we love them any less or are trying to replace them . I want there opinions too because I think they matter most. 

Shiloh already told us the babies name is Makayla LOL then later in the day she told us it was a boy. So we see which is correct.. but not for sometime. I am guess I am anywhere between 6 & 9 weeks more so around 8 or 9 because my belly is already shaping & with both pregnancies with the girls I didn't start feeling pregnant until around this time. 

My insomnia is kicking in & my body aches are at full force. My tiredness is at an all time high & I have my moments of strong hormonal emotion. But I haven't felt sick yet which is a BIG PLUS {Knock on wood}. My clothes started to get snug a few weeks back & my boobs I noticed are getting big again as well {not that they aren't already}. I realized yesterday I had donated all my maternity clothes for the most part after Gabriella, because I thought we were done having babies LOL so will see how long I can make my non maternity clothes work. I do have a lot of things that are still very big on me since I have lost some weight in the last few months. I hope to stay pretty healthy as I did with my last two pregnancies but even more so this time. I want to stick to my no fast food diet & no sugar diet as much as possible & to not gain more then 20 but I would be happier with 15. But I do need to see what the doctor recommends.

Well that is it for now. Let the excitement & belly shots begin YAY 

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Babies

I can't believe in a few months we will have another beautiful child. Boy or Girl I am happy either way as long as he or she is healthy. I love being a mama.

4 to 5

So for weeks now we have had the what ifs. Are we or are we not. I have taken two test & both were negative.. so in my head I just thought my body was all out of wack. So I carried on with our normal life doing the same things as always. I even went to the doctor & she said after this long a test would show positive so she doubted I was. But it's been over a week since that visit & no sign of aunt flow. So last night I bought an EPT & took it early this morning & it didn't take long to get the results.

Sorry it's so dark.. the sun was not even up yet. But it was a plus sign. So we are no longer going to be a family of 4 come Spring we will be a family of 5. The news is still sinking in & although I feel so blessed & love this little miracle in my belly.. I will admit I am scared. 3 Babies.. by the time the baby is here Shiloh will be 3 1/2 & Gabriella will be 14 or 15 months. I will be one busy mama that is for sure, but I know this is something I can handle & I am willing to take on.

So even though the shock is sinking in the the more I share the news.. the more excited I become.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Paper Mama Photo Challenge

So this is my first time participating in Paper Mama's Photo Challenge on my new blog. This week's challenge is Eyes. If you wish to participate head over to her blog to get the details & to link up!

The Paper Mama

Gabbies Eyes 

Mama Photographer's

Here are a few tips to help you get your photography noticed, meet other photographers & to build clientele.

#1 A must is having a Blog. I have my Personal Blog but I also have a Photography Blog. I think its important to keep personal & business separate. Even though I do share my photography on my blog I keep it strictly of my family or friends & photography blog is of clients & family too but I keep my writing to a minimum. I do leave buttons on both my blogs to my other blogs as well.

#2 Create a Facebook Fan or Like Page. I have my personal Facebook Page & My Fan Page. You don't want everyone to know your business so draw the line between clients & close friends & keep them separate.

#3 Join supporting sites or groups. Like I Heart Faces & Participate in their challenges & photo shops. It not only helps you learn but it keeps you excited when you get positive feed back. It can also help you to you can bring in more clients & fans this way too.

#4 Join in Blog link ups for photography challenges. A Blog that I love to follow who has a lot of photography link ups is The Paper Mama.

#5 Get your friends & family to help you out. Offer free services to gain experience & to show off your work & what sets you aside from other photographers.

#6 Don't be afraid to share your passion with people & brag.. people want photographers who are confident in their work.

#7 Learn Photoshop, Lightroom or Photoshop Elements. You must be able to edit & add a creative touch to your work to set you aside from other photographers. Remember anyone can take a photo.. you have to find what makes you unique. I love getting new actions & reading tutorials. A few sites to get lots of info, actions, storyboards & neat photo tips are The CoffeeShop Blog, The Pioneer Woman & Paint The Moon Photography. With some of these sites you can get free stuff which is always an added bonus.

So those are some of my tips & things I have done to help with my photography. I am still a work in progress though & I love learning new things.

Friday, August 12, 2011

SOOC Saturday!

So this is a fun weekend Link Up I am joining by Marvelous Mommy.. its SOOC {Straight Our Of The Camera} since I am a photographer I thought this would be so fun to participate in.

SOOC Saturday

Here is my SOOC of my beautiful baby girl:

Here it is my edited version:

Mama Group

I created a Facebook Mama's group so that other mama's like myself could have a place to chit chat about mama life, ask questions, share stories & discuss concerns.

I started this group:

A. Because its nice to share things with other mama's who appreciate your stories.

B. Because as mama its nice to hear other mama's advice or tips.

C. Because most people who are not parents really don't want to see or read your post about your mama life.

So with that said if you are a mama or expecting mama & you have Facebook & would like to join my group you are more then welcome to. Just click the button below & it will direct you to the group for you to request to join.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Well I figured since I am new here I should share some random facts about me that I feel are important for others to know.. hehe

1. I love my family!! As a little girl I remember dreaming of the day I would meet my husband & falling in love & having a family. I remember drawing houses & building rooms for all the kids I wanted to have. I think this was a list of all my names at one point.. {I think I knew at a young age I would have all girls}
  • Annabella

  • Gabriella {which I did name my second child}

  • Shawna

  • Anna

  • Isabella 

I will have to find one of my millions of drawings scan it & show you may brainy ideas a a young child.

Part 2 of 1. I was not the typical kid.. while other kids were drawing cartoons or playing tag I was drawing the insides of houses & creating rooms for the family I would have one day. My biggest dream was to be a mom.. & here I am a mom to two beautiful children & the most amazing man ever as my husband!

2. I love photography.. even though I am new to the DSLR world I feel I have caught on pretty quickly.. I think I have a great eye & can edit like a champ.. yep I am giving myself bragging rights HA! If you want to see my work just click HERE.

3. One thing I must say I miss terribly now that I am a mom is my sleep. You see I am a night owl.. I love my night time alone time.. I edit photo's write, read or catch up on my soaps {Love One Life to Live & General Hospital}. I am not a morning person & I honestly don't think that will ever change. So don't expect me to be productive before 10am & that is pushing it.

4. Back to my Soap Obsession. I have watch ABC Soaps religiously since I was in the 3rd grade. I can thank my then baby sitter for getting me hooked. I can tell you anything you want to know about those soaps. Although All My Children I stopped watching about a year or two, ago I just lost interest.

5. I am a control freak. One reason why I love staying home aside from spending every minute with my girls is that I am my own boss. I make the schedule I plan out the day & I am on my own time.. well for the most part. Shiloh & Gabriella have a lot of say in that but they too are pretty easy going.

6. I have an Etsy obsession.. especially with Little Miss Momma's Shop.. if you haven't been to her Etsy shop you should check it out. Also her Blog is pretty Rockin as well. Tell her I sent you.

7. I can come off as a tough girl but I am really not. Deep down I am super shy & sensitive.. & if I seem like a B***H its only because I am nervous or because I have been walked over on before HA! I really am a nice girl with a big heart & have very little dislikes in my life.

8. I am the worst FB friend EVER. I will admit I honestly have a secrete dislike for FB. I love staying in touch with family & friends but some people I could careless if I keep in touch with. I know that is mean but I just feel like why now do all these people want to be BFF's on FB when we hardly talked in real life. Plus this Mama does not do drama & I see way too much of that on FB & negative post that I don't want to ruin my happy mood that I always try to stay in because of someone's else misery. So I do a lot of deleting & re-adding or deleting of my page all together then opening one a few months or weeks.. sometimes days later LOL sorry I am weird like that.

9. I am a bigger girl stuck in a small girls body.. well what I mean is I try to be thin.. I dream of being one of the HOT MAMA's but I have to come to terms with the fact that I have curves & big boobs & no matter how much I work out or diet I will never be a size 2 or weigh under 150.. man writing that depressed me HA But I will tell you the book This Is Why You're Fat by Jackie Warner is awesome & really does help you live a healthier life style when it comes to eating & working out. I try to stick with it for the most part.

10. I am a gril with big dreams & ideas. I have a list of things I want & want to do.. I have dreams that I want to make reality & I have a drive that even sometimes leaves me worn out just thinking of it all. I love to find new ways to make an extra dollar & I try to be frugal but sometimes a girls got to have what a girl wants right? But all in all my dreams are all easy to obtain it just takes time..

So those are 10 Random Facts About Me.. if you have anything else you would like to know just ask.. I am pretty open.

Yellow & Grey

So I have had the same decor running through my home now for over 3 years. I am over it. I want something more fashionable, fun & bright. Right now I have the fun fall colors running through my living, kitchen & dinning & I am simply all falled out!

One of the reasons I LOVE having a Pinterest is for inspiration for my design ideas.. I also love it for my photography as well.

Lately I have been on this Yellow & Grey Kick!! As if you couldn't tell from my blog HA! Here are seom room ideas I found on Pinterest that I LOVE!!! 

 all images found on pinterest.

I can't wait till we buy a home again {October 2012 couldn't be here fast enough} so I can revamp our decor & make is Shabby but not too too Chic for my Hubby's liking.

What is your decor style I would love to know?

My Conversation with my Two Year Old

So this morning Shiloh was on a roll discussing her name, age, birthday & when her birthday is in her sweet little voice. I love that she knows this now. We have worked on it for sometime so it makes me proud to know she has it down.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good People

Don't you love just having happy, positive people in your life. I do & tonight we had dinner with a couple who is just awesome. They are relocating here from Oregon due to a promotion & we are so excited for them. We have known them for some time & I am glad we can live close to each other again so we can hang out & spend time with another couple who are around our age with a child around our girls age. It's nice when you have friends who have things incommon with your family & life. I miss since we have lived so far from people we are closest to here. So it was a relief to have them move up here. I was starting to loose my social skills a little bit LOL

One thing that I have learn with age is its not quantity its quality & I couldn't be happier with my circle of friends. I think who you hang with & share you life with really is a good representation of who you are as a person & I am so glad that for the most part my circle is mature, happy & live life to the fullest & appreciate the good life. I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't do drama or HS anymore & I have no problem with walking away from those relationships that seem to be full of that. Negative people to me just need to have their own island away from the happy people LOL

I feel so blessed to have such positive & uplifting people in my life who make my days brighter & happier. In the last few years I have met some really awesome people & I couldn't be more stoked about it. I love my social sites {well FB I sometimes could do without} but Tweeting & Blogging has brought a lot of positives to my life & for that I am thankful & glad I am back to blogging.

Right now in life there are so many positives that out weight the negative & that makes me a happy girl. I hope to meet some other great bloggers along my journey & to build stronger & new relationship with other bloggers that I have yet to meet.

Well that was something that I had running through my head & thought I would share it before I head to bed otherwise I would have been laying there for hours figuring out how I would write this post & going back & forth with "Should I write it now or wait till tomorrow" so I am glad I did tonight.. I feel even more happy now.

Night Blog World!

Meet Myself & My Family..

Well Hello.

Hi there. I am Melissa. A stay at home mom to two beautiful little girls. Who loves all things crafty, interior design, travel & photography. I grew up in Florida but have been a West Coast Gal since 2000. In my free time I love to explore my passion for photography. I am a work in progress but I think I am pretty talented. I am about to take on a new adventure call Scentsy.. & I can't wait. I love to make some Mama Money.. ya know for those hot mama boots LOL but mainly because I LOVE the product. My house is always smelling yummy & I owe it all to my Scentsy so how could I not want to sell & meet some amazing people in the process?

My oldest daughter is 2 going on 15. She loves to play dress up, all things barbie & princess. She is in deed smarter then a fifth grader & she is not afraid to point out my "Oh Mom" moments. My youngest is 7 months & a happy girl. She keeps me on my toes. One minute she is sitting playing with her toys the next she is climb through the maze we call our dinner room chairs. She loves her big sister & giggles at the sight of her. Both my girls make me the happiest mama & I feel so blessed to have such beautiful, happy, loving children.

My husband & I met 4 years ago fell in love & within the first year we found out we were pregnant. We were married on May 10th 2008 & became parents for the first time on September 19th 2008. Life together has been nothing but laughs, lots of love & amazing memories. We have such a strong bond & amazing relationship that I honestly to this day never thought existed. He is hard working, supportive & such an amazing father. They say true love only happens in fairy tales so my life may be one they will write about one day then.

I created this blog to meet other amazing mama's, share in my day to day "Oh Mama" moments & all our special memories along the way. So I hope you enjoy & Stay awhile.


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