Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Boy or Girl??

So Since this is our Third & Probably our LAST BABY!! I want to make it fun & exciting {not that having a baby isn't already} but I want to do things outside of the box.. things we haven't done in past pregnancies. So I talked to Stephen & we both thought it would be so fun to have a Gender Reveal Party! I saw on Pinterest these awesome cakes for a Gender Reveal Party & it got me so excited to do this!!
Here is a cake I am just in LOVE with:
found here at this URL: http://www.flickr.com/photos/17247479@N05/5970792889/in/photostream

I am going to tell my new doctor that when we go in for the ultra sound of the babies gender we don't want to know but to put it on paper & in an envelope & I will go to a cake shop hand them the envelope & have them make the cake. If the inside of the cake is pink then we are having a girl & if it is blue then we are having a boy. Then we will have all our closest friends & family over for a Gender Reveal Party {NOT BABY SHOWER} & we will celebrate the gender together.

I think this will be so fun & awesome! Plus I love the suspense of it all & of course the excitement of not knowing & then finding out with our family & friends.

So in the mean time don't forget to vote for Jelly Bean's Gender in the mean time! I am guessing we should find out in December so you have a bit of time but not too much time.. the clock is ticking :)

Also if you have done this or something like this share your thoughts & ideas.


  1. a good friend of mine did a gender party...looked like so much fun!!

  2. I love this idea so much! If I have any more babies, I am so doing this (okay, but I would make sure that the doctor gave me two papers and envelopes so I could keep one and open it after we ate the cake, just to double check)!

  3. Just found your blog, it's SO CUTE! :-) I love the idea of putting the gender color inside the cake, so fun! I was just looking at your sidebar and noticed that under Shiloh Rose it says she was born 9.19.2011, I'm guessing that's a typo? Thought you might want to know, I know I would :-)

    Good luck with the move...I understand what you're going through!!! I just moved across country at almost 8 months pregnant! And my Hubby was away at training and so I had to do everything by myself! With some help from friends and family!

  4. @Lisa yes good idea I should make sure to get two just in case LOL

    @Mallorie I am glad you found me :) Thanks for the heads up on Shiloh's birthday LOL prego brain messes me up a lot! 8 months pregnant WOW that is brave!

  5. This is such a cute idea, I love it!


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