Monday, April 9, 2012


Well I made it to 38 weeks. It seems like I have been pregnant forever but it also feels like it flew by. I guess with all the moving holiday's & being sick for most of 2012 has really helped move this pregnancy along.

I had my 38 week check up today & Emma is ready. I am 4 cm dilated and 80% effaced. We scheduled & confirmed my induction for April 16th but the doc doesn't think I will make it that far & I don't either. My contractions are pretty strong lately & I can barely walk anymore. I have a feeling she is going to come in the middle of the night just to make the process that much more crazy.

Stephen is now the manager of the Renton Washington store so we are moving come the end of the month. I know crazy we are moving again!! We just moved from Tacoma to Portland & now we are headed to Seattle. People think we are crazy but hey you got go where the money is! Especially in this economy. So once we have Emma we will be packing up this place & heading up North. We already found a place so that is one less stress.

My mom & poppy will be here the 19th which is exciting. I haven't seen them since last May so it will be super nice to have them here even in the midst of new baby & moving. Shiloh is super excited to have them visit too.

Today Stephen & I took Shiloh to get a mani & pedi & to get myself a pedi. I have been hesitant because I wasn't sure if she would be okay with someone doing her nails but she did great & they had these super cute chairs with TV's for her to sit in. She was in Princess Heaven! I think she needed some pampering too because things have been a little confusing for her lately.

She loved picking out the color & that they put flowers on her hands & toes too!

I tell ya we can't seem to stay healthy in this house though. Gabbie has her second ear infection of the year & I think the girls & I have been sick a handful of times now. Shiloh came home with cold after staying at her grandparents for a week which then Gabbie caught which turned to an ear infection & now I of course have it. I think this is the worse one yet though aside from the 24 hr stomach bug. My throat feels like it has razor blades in it so I can only imagine how poor Gabbie feels. Sh is so congested & has a horrible cough its so sad. I just hope once we get moved & this weather figures its self out we can start being healthy again because these colds make life pretty miserable.

I took the girls on Friday to see the Easter Bunny. Shiloh was super excited & couldn't wait. Gabbie acted like she was cool with him until half way up to sit on his lap & she started freaking out! So our Easter Bunny picture didn't turn out great but its still a classic!
For Easter my in laws came down & we all went to mass on Sunday & had a nice Easter Brunch. Andrew my brother in law is in town from Texas so it was really great to see him. It was a good day even though I had only had two hrs of sleep the night before from having contractions & coughing all night. Once they headed back to Seattle I took some medicine & headed to bed though cause I was miserable.

So this is the most exciting our lives have been since I last posted. Sorry I haven't posted much lately I am just super busy lately & tired. I know once Emma is here & we get all moved I will get back on track so stay tuned!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scary Hospital Visits

So I tell you in the last week I have really become sick of seeing the hospital. I mean I know I am going to be there soon to meet my precious baby girl but I don't like having to go there in a panic because something could be wrong.

first lovely middle of the night hospital visit:
Last Thursday night (of course when Stephen is out of town) Gabbie gets a high temp of 105 after finding earlier that day she had a double ear infection once again. So after speaking with the on call nurse she told me take her in to be checked at the ER. I get there at quarter to mid night and thank goodness there was no wait because having to drag your 3 yr old and 15 month old out in the rain and cold in the middle of the night to wait in a cold and not kid friendly waiting room was not going to be my idea of fun.. not that any of this was. So we get there go right back to the nurse & of course by that time Gabbie's temp had gone down because the tylenol kicked in & I had given her a bath. So the nurse thought I was crazy but I was like hey I am just doing as her doctors office asked & she said did they know it was down when they told you to come in and I said yes I told her it was at 100.4 when we spoke, but because she was getting the chills she just wanted me to come in to make sure she was okay. So then we were all checked in and sent to our ER room and of course Shiloh is super freaked out. She is not a fan of hospitals. But I get her calmed. Doctor comes in and pretty much tells me there was no way her temp was that high & said she is fine to just keep switching from the tylenol to advil every 4 hrs. So me I am pissed.. I am not pissed that I brought her in but that he was doubting my ability to take an accurate temperature on my child. He didn't even check her temp again or anything for that matter just raised her shirt and said she doesn't have a rash again or anything & I said no he said okay well lets give her some Ibuprofen and I will print you out some info on how to control a fever and you can go home. I know I looked at him like he was crazy! I mean really? I came here for peace of mind to know my child is not going to have a seizure once her meds wear off in the middle of the night and all you are going to do is make me feel like an idiot. I was not happy.. but I didn't even want to look at him anymore so said "GREAT". So he left for about 45 min (this was the longest part of the entire visit) after that I was pissed and tired of waiting so I took the girls bundled them up and hunted him down & when I found him I was all "so are we going to get the Ibuprofen so we can go or did you forget?" he said he was just printing something up &the nurse should be in soon and she was like right behind me. He said I told you they were busy but I never hear that I swear he had said he would have the nurse come right in. I mean what could they have been busy with there was only 3 other people in the ER??? Anyways we got the med's & headed home. Gabbie was fine within 24 hours and is now still on the antibiotics for the ear infection but she is back to her self acting silly & being my little Gabzilla.

My second hospital visit within a week:
So hubby leaves again on Monday & I wasn't feeling super great but I didn't think much of it. Went to bed okay that night woke up Tuesday feeling good so the girls & I went to run errands & while at Fred Meyer I had a huge contraction. One I had to stop the cart for and actually grip hard on the the handle. I was like WOW that was weird. But I continued on my merry way with getting the few things I needed. I returned home got the girls settled & went to use the restroom & notices some not so normal stuff leaking (TMI sorry but hey I am pregnant). So I was like weird must be from that contraction. So I wiped and there was more lots more. So to be safe I started packing my hospital bag & called my doctor. Mind you I have had two completely opposite labors with my older two so I just wanted to make sure things were cool especially Since Stephen was out of town. The doctors office wanted me to come in just to make sure so I went in  a few hours later & had my SIL watch the girls. When I got there contracts where kicking in hard. I was getting nervous because I am only 35 weeks & my hubby was 3 hours away. If you haven't read my labor stories with my other two let me just tell you so you know when, it's go time its go time I pretty much sneeze my babies out. So I got back to the room and he checked me & did my group B strep test. He said well you are about 3 to 31/2 cm dilated & are 70-80% effaced and you have a good amount of blood flow so I am not going to say its for sure go time but I want to be safe & send you to L&D & you should go ahead and get Stephen home.
So I head over there call Stephen and he was on his way, call my BFF and she is on her way to sit with me & of course I call my mom & text everyone to pray & inform them that Emma wants to come now! I also posted it on FB which I highly regret because its just one of those things that are scary & with not knowing if I was in full labor I didn't want people to think I was being crazy and calling wolf which I wasn't I was just doing as I was told but I didn't want to put all the details on FB but of course I had some great comments and a few annoying ones but oh well that is what I get for posting anything. But anyways so I was put on the monitor & checked every few hours. I had some really strong painful contractions that when I was asked to rate them on the scale of 1-10 I rated between 2-3. So after a bit the doctor checked me again & I was still at 3 cm & she said baby is doing great but that she would come back in 3-4 hours and see what is happening then. So then they put me on an IV & fed me & after a few hours the contractions started going away & so did the bleeding. So by that time Stephen had arrived Mel was heading home & I was beat!! The doctor checked me again & I was still 3 cm so she asked how far Iive and I told her 10 min and so she said I can stay or I can go? At this point my SIL had already taken the girls to her house & I was tired & feeling confident that Emma wasn't going to be coming anytime soon so I decided I wanted to get home.
So off we went. Poor Stephen had to drive 3 hours and nothing haha but hey at least he made it.. it was a good fire drill. But we ate some dinner and went to bed. I woke up feeling not so great the next morning but I had to head back to the doctor just to make sure Emma was staying put for sure.
Doctor said things are still the same but that she probably wont be coming for another couple weeks so that was good. Having a 35 week baby is scary. Her lungs may not be developed all the way & that would mean she would have to transfer to another hospital after delivery &then I would and it would just not be an ideal way to welcome her into the world. I want her nice an plump with everything developed. So I am so relieved she at this point she is staying put! But for now I am suppose to be taking it easy.. which I am trying to do but we have so much going on its hard. Next week I think my MIL will be coming to stay with me which is a relief but I am hoping that Emma can stay in my belly until at least 37 weeks so I am going to do everything in my power to prevent preterm labor!!

But that is how my week has gone..  & I pray it only gets better from here because I really need a break!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Most couples wish for a boy & a girl when it comes to having children. But Stephen & I always somehow knew we would have girls & our hearts we are content with that. I love having girls.. some say I will change my mind once they are older but I just love their bond & how much they love each other. I feel so blessed that we are having another girl in the next few weeks to add to our happy, silly family of mostly girls. People always ask are you still going to try for that boy.. Stephen & I usually look at each other & say "Nah we are complete with our little princesses plus I don't think a boy is possible for us" we were meant to have girls ❤ 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Car Seats

So back in September I bought Shiloh a high back booster seat. She has done very well in it. But I have been doing a lot of reading on laws & recommendations for what type of seat she should be in & found that even though the seat says 3 yrs old & 30 lbs. the law says she has to be in a 5 point harness until 4 yrs old & 40 lbs. So after much research to make sure that this was correct for us here in Oregon & discussing this with friends one being a Pediatrician I decided to put her back in the 5 point harness. Since Gabbie is in Shiloh old seat we had to purchase a new one. So I found one less then $100 at Walmart that is still pretty & Shiloh approved:

So for now our current high back Graco seat will go into storage until she is at the correct weight & height for it according to state laws. I think  car safety is so important & that we all make sure our kids are in the correct seats & positioned properly. I highly suggest if you are a parent you make sure you child is in the correct seat & that you have it installed properly. Most states have a site or number you can get the information from & you can always look for workshops to attend too.

Now I will have more peace of mind when we are out on the road with all the crazy drivers.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Final Pick

So today we went to Babies R Us to finish up our shopping needs for Princess Emma. While we were there we found they had a ton of Diaper Bags to look at & choose from. The one I was originally going to get the BabyMel was a LOT smaller then I thought it was going to be & the fabric on the outside scared me. They didn't have Timi & Leslie for me to see but I ended up falling in love with a JJ Cole diaper bag. The fabric on the outside is awesome & will clean easy, it has a lot of compartments & it has two strap options & stroller hooks which is a big plus. The best part is the hubby really loves it :)

I already have it all packed with Emma's stuff for the hospital & I can't wait to start using it :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ready & Waiting

Emma's room is complete. Stephen hung the black out curtains the other day..

Her bedding is washed & in place..

Diapers & blankets are all organized..

Her name is hung above her bed..

Her Grammy bought her some cute little shoes..

Her Scentsy Buddy Ollie is patiently waiting for her arrival..

& the room is complete.. well almost.. we just need our little Princess to arrive now..

man oh man am I so ready!

Diaper Bag Delimma

So I need a new diaper bag. My current one has been great but its dirty, bulky & the stroller straps are worn out & hardly work anymore :( So I have been on the lookout for a new one. I want a black one to hide stains & one that doesn't have buttons as the clips for the stroller & one that isn't so bulky & awkward. So I have narrowed it down to two.

They both are great bags. This first one I have wanted since I was pregnant with Gabbie & I love the look of it. I didn't get it before because my hubby had picked out the one we ended up getting & I well its rare that he helps with this stuff so I had to go with it haha. But the first one I am considering is by BabyMel & they sell it at Nordstrom.

I like that it looks like a purse so once the girls are older I can use it as a purse or travel bag.

The second one I am considering is by Timi & Leslie. I found it on Zappos. I love the colors & style & that its not too girly so hubby wont mind carrying it around & it looks like a good bag for travel too.
So I am unsure at this point as to which one I want. I like both but I am leaning more towards the Babymel only because it is the one I have wanted for a long time now & I just love the look of it.

So help me decided which do you like best?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1st

Well today we spent our day with daddy. He had the day off so we all where up pretty early which is rare but okay because we had planned to go to the children's museum. So we spent the morning having fun with make believe, slides, clay, lights, dress-up & running free. The girls love going to the children's museum & this is something I am try to do every week since we do have a season pass. I also invite my other mama friends to join to so it's nice when they can join us. Today we had our friends join us with their two kids & who's husband also works with my husband so that was fun.

Then we headed home around noon for lunch and naps. While I fed the girls Stephen pulled our baby swing, glider & basinet from storage so we could get the rest of what we needed ready for Princess Emma's arrival. Stephen also hung up the girls new black out curtains in their room so now I hope it will help Gabbie sleep better & keep out some of the cold that may seep through the old windows we have.

The house is getting in order & I finally don't feel like we are so cluttered which is nice. I think I have hit the nesting stage because I have been on top of most the mess & laundry & that makes me feel really good. I have come to the conclusion though that some things I just have to let go of.. like the amount of toys we have & how they are not always going to be put away.. I mean we do have kids living here right haha.

This weekend I hope we can just stay home & relax & not do much.. I feel like when ever Stephen is off we are out doing stuff but I think just a day of staying home is what we need this weekend. But will see I really want to get back into going to church but its hard because Gabbie won't sit still & they don't offer a daycare at the one we attend so it makes it hard. Maybe we will give it a go it all depends on how the rest of the weekend plans out.

Well I am off to sleepy land.. i am pooped & I spent way too long revamping my blog to look hip & cool like all the other mama blogs out there.. I hope you like!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life Lately & Pictures

So we are all healthy again.. Knock on wood!! This week we have spent a lot of time getting back on track & the house back to looking as it should. I have also been utilizing my Family Binder & it feels so great to be organized & on top of things. We still need to adjust to routine but we are for the most part.

We recently updated our iPhones to the new 4s phones which is amazing & I am so glad we did because we can now FaceTime with our family faraway & the girls LOVE IT!! Now both girls think that anytime they are talking to someone they can see them. Shiloh is always trying to show people things & I have to explain to her that we aren't doing FaceTime haha & well Gabbie she is just a goof. The other day Gabbie brought me my phone & wanted to talk so I set up the video camera so she could do some pretend Facetime with herself.. it was pretty darn cute.. here it is..

Last Tuesday we took the girls to the dentist. Shiloh has been asking to go because we have one by our house that is for kids & you can see the inside from the road & all the rooms have a neat theme. So I scheduled them both for a check-up. Shiloh has been one time before this but Gabbie had yet to meet a dentist. Both girls did great! Shiloh didn't allow them to floss her teeth but was able to get a nice cleaning which was nice. Gabbie just sat there staring & allowed them to check her teeth. The Dentist said that both girls have great teeth & we are doing a good job. It's always nice to hear that especially since teeth are super important.

Last Wednesday we were hit with a nasty stomach bug.. lets just say everything from the day came up in all three of us girls. Stephen lucked out & never got sick. Man that was not a fun 24 hours at all!! I tell ya being 8 month pregnant & being sick like that is not fun & a little scary. I think Gabbie had it the worst though poor thing.

As of Monday I am 32 weeks now YAY!!
FYI: I really dislike my face in this photo but lately I am not feeling all that pretty so it will have to do. Emma is almost here & I couldn't be more excited. I have bed all set up & I made her name sign to hang above it too.

Today I went to target & bought two baskets one for Emma's teeny tiny diapers & one for Gabbies. I also bought her some pacifiers that are different from Gabbies in hopes she likes them so that they don't have the same pacifier & we aren't getting them confused. We have also made some purchases on some clothes for her since I can't seem to find all the other newborn clothes. I really hope they aren't in storage & we are just missing them. I also had my 32 week check up this morning & doc said her head is low & man she is stubborn I was like yes she is. When I laid back for her to listen to her heart beat she had her butt high in the air.. as soon as doc put the doppler to my belly she started moving all over the place haha. She does this everytime now its like a game for her I swear. But she was able to get a good listen after a few minutes & she said she sounds good & healthy. She also asked me if I had my babysitter lined up & my bags packed.. not sure if she was hinting at something but she said since I had Shiloh & Gabbie so quickly & because Emma is so low this could be a quick delivery so I told her yes but that I do have anxiety that if it were to be the middle of the night we may not get someone to answer haha. But I need to not worry about it. She said I am measuring right on track now though so that was good to hear since the last two visits I was measuring two weeks ahead. So Princess Emma is going to be here in no time & I tell ya I am so ready to have my body back for the most part. I also can't wait to hold her & see her beautiful face.

On Saturday it was pretty nice out so we too a trip to the park finally after months of poopy weather {which btw has returned} the girls loved being outside to run & play. It was a bit hard for me to keep up so we didn't stay too long because Gabbie was more interested in chasing them men playing basketball then she was in playing at the park.
 I tell ya I am not a fan of the heat since up here in the Northwest we don't have A/C but I am ready for some sunshine & warmer weather this cold rainy stuff is just bumming me out big time!! So hopefully Spring will be here soon & we can start getting out & doing stuff again. I think we are dying for some Vitamin D that is for sure!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Family Binder

So I finally did it. I made our Family Binder. I am so glad its done!! I love how it turned out & I am pretty impressed with it. I wanted a Family Binder to hold important contact info, Our Routines, Calendars, Shopping List, Recipes, Documents & List. I wanted to have something for when we have someone watch the girls to go by & for me to go by so I can be more on routine with things. I think having this book is good for any family to keep on hand to stay on top of things.

So here is the cover Page:

Inside I added dividers & page protectors. Here is a list of my dividers.
  • Important Contacts
  • Routines
  • Calendar's
  • Cleaning
  • Food
  • List
  • Documents
*Contact List Tab
 I also have a page for the Babysitter Followed by a CPR Information page which I found & printed from Baby Center
I also have two pages of important business contact information & family & close friend contact information. I also have a page protector to add business cards for places that are important to remember or for our Credit Cards we don't use all the time.

*Daily Routine Tab

I have one for each day Monday through Sunday. I started my Week with Monday because Sundays are more relaxed. But each day is different.

The first page I have in here is an area where I can list appointments to remember for the week or things we have scheduled outside or routine. I have this as I all the doc's in a protective cover so it allows me to use a dry erase marker on it to write things down & to erase it each week or as needed so I don't have to keep reprinting. I did this with all my list that I have. Which I will list here in a bit.

*Calendar Tab

I have a calender for each month. I only print out the month we are in though so that I can add activities to the next month before printing & on the first of that month I print out & replace.
This too is in a protective cover so I can add info to the calendar as needed. 
At the end of this divider I have a page for Family Birthday's to Remember & Holiday's for the year.

 *Cleaning Tab

This is a page that I created of daily cleaning list to follow. It's not super detailed but it lets me know what needs to be done each day. I am also going to work on adding some helpful tips for cleaning that I found on Pinterest Gotta Love Pinterest!!!
*Food Tab

Here I have a page to list meals for the week along with a shopping list. I also have a sheet to plan each meal for the day so I don't have to be creative each day just once a week I can sit down & fill this out. After these pages I have pages of recipes.

 *List Tab

My list divider has pages of list.
  • To Do ✓ List
  • Prayer List
  • Reminder List
  • Goal List
  • Home Needs List
I also have a list page for each member of our family. So if one of the girls needs new shoes or diapers or we need to sign them up for something I can write it here to reference back to.

*Helpful Tab

Here I have printed out different helpful tips.
  • Tips for Saving
  • Craft Ideas for the kids
  • Family QT ideas
  • Teaching Tools
A lot of this information I found at iMom

*Documents Tab

My documents tab is where I have a business card holder to put our SS cards & other important cards such as Insurance Cards. I also have a protective sheet for our Wedding Certificate & Birth Certificates.

At the end of my binder I added a notebook so I can write down Blog Ideas. Added list that I need to create or recipes that I can write up & print later or notes that I have taken from the doctors or a TV show such as the doctors. I also have a separate planner that I carry around to appointments or that I write future appointments in so that when i need to print out that month's calender I can reference back to that as well.

I hope you find my ideas helpful & useful & do share what you have created & or tabs I may not have that maybe helpful for me or others too :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mommies State of Mind

So yesterday I had my 30 week check up. My blood pressure was up a bit but I think its just because she is getting so big it's making my body work that much harder to carry this bump around. I am measuring 31/32 weeks so that makes me believe she will be here sooner then we thought which makes me smile. We also discussed postpartum depression & my doctor & I are both a little concerned with my current state a bit. Nothing to be alarmed about but this pregnancy has had a lot of downs along with ups but I think the downs have greatly effected me. I am not sure if its all the stress we have had with certain issues surrounding us or moving or the fact that Stephen is making less money right now due to the new store or if its just me & all my crazy hormones. I told my doctor my motivation to get anything done this pregnancy is an all time low & it really has effected my over all happiness. I feel like I am not doing all the things I should. Spending one on one time with the girls & working with them on learning time, keeping up with all the house work, making stronger efforts to spend quality time with my husband, eating better, having more of a routine & just being on top of things like I usually am. I know that I am pregnant & things are expected to be out of the norm for a bit but it really bothers me. I have major OCD but I feel like I go crazy over the noise of stuff but I have zero motivation to fix it.. which in return leaves me depressed, anxious & anxiety ridden. I try to remind myself that our house will never look like a model home, the girls are fine they are thriving, happy & getting enough learning & I do enough for now, Stephen knows I love him, eating as I am isn't a bad thing I haven't gained that much weight only 28 pounds & routines can be made after Emma is here. But sometimes I can't seem to be okay with that. I have found nights were I just cry myself to sleep or just can't hold all my frustration in & I get upset & take it out on Stephen. I feel bad.. really bad but I don't know how to control some of these emotions. I also have been very sensitive to others. Their comments & way of speaking to me or about me has really bothered me.. to the point now that if they have hurt me or said something that really bothers me, I cut them off, avoid & block them out of my life for now. I can't handle negative.. anything negative it really really weighs on me more then normal lately & the only way I feel like I can deal with it is to not deal with it which I know in return will later bite me in the butt.
When I was younger I was diagnosed with depression up until my teens I was on all kinds of anti depressant but I couldn't stand depending on a pill to control my happiness so I told myself I needed to take charge of it all & learn to handle my issues. For the most part I have.. over the years I have had some fall outs & probably should have been back on them or in therapy but I still have over come it all. So that is what I am trying to do now.. over come this sadness that I don't welcome. My doctor & I both are going to monitor it close & I promised him that if its a day I can't handle or it increases that I would let him know asap. I feel sad that these feelings are here that I am not strong enough to over come them. A part of me feels like a failure & that I am letting down my family.. which in return only makes it worse.. I know a lot of mom's go through this & I am normal.. I just wish I wasn't one of those mom's. I have not had any harmful thoughts though so lets just make that clear!! I am just sad is all.

One way I am trying to help with my emotions is to read self help or happy books. I never read.. I have had a hard time fitting it in.. but with my insomnia I have been reading now at night. I first read The Vow. It was a great short read & made me want to see the movie more & it was very inspiring but it took me 3 days to read that so now I am on to The Happiness Project. So far I am liking the book a lot & really want to make my own happiness project but I feel so scattered brained I don't even know where to begin.. & also there is my motivation issues.. I plan it all out in my mind but I do nothing to start it.
Another thing I wanted to do that I thought would help me to feel better is start a family binder of routine, activities, recipes & other helpful ideas. But again I bought all the supplies to start it.. but I haven't. So now I am going to return all the supplies.. but I feel like I am giving up which also weighs on me.. why I am giving up.. why can't I just do something I want to do. Why do I feel so confused.. it's like my brain can't think past caring for the kids & doing the things I know I HAVE TO DO. It's like it can't even allow the room to add something else in.

I don't know where this state of mind is going to take me or if it will heal after Emma is hear.. at this point I guess all I can do is pray & look to God for guidance & continue to tell myself it will all work out, it will all be okay & that I am not a failure it's just hard because I want to have control of it all.

I know this post was a little personal.. but I needed to write.. I needed to say what I am feeling in writing because face to face with someone it just doesn't seem to come out right. So I hope others can respect that & not judge it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Southwestern Smothered Chops Valentines Day Dinner

So I decided since we are not able to go out for a nice dinner I would make a nice dinner of our own.

I started us off with a Balsamic Raspberry Dressing Mixed Green Salad topped with Cherry Tomatoes.

Then for our main course we had Southwestern Smothered Chops.. Yummy!!!

Here is the recipe:

Southwestern Smothered Chops

4 center-cut pork chops (1" thick)
2 teaspoons Mexican seasoning
1 can (15 oz) low-sodium black beans, rinsed and drained
1 pkg (10 oz) frozen whole-kernal corn
1/2 cup frozen chopped onion
1 can (10 oz) condensed creamy chicken verde soup (Campbell's)
3/4 cup salsa with cilantro
   fresh cilantro sprigs (optional)
   cornbread (optional)

1) Sprinkle chops with Mexican seasoning; set aside
2) Combine beans, corn and onions. Places chops on top of vegetables
3) In medium-size bowl, stir together soup and salsa. Pour over chops
4) Cook on LOW for 5 to 7 hours
5) Serve with cilantro (optional)
6) Optional - serve with cornbread

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Catching Up

Sorry I haven't posted in some time. We took a trip to Seattle on Friday & I ended up with a nasty cold while there & it's still lingering so I haven't had much energy to write nor has my brain been able to think. I am starting to feel some what better but now both girls seem to be sick with what I had.. but their energy levels are way higher then mine that is for sure.

So one thing I wanted to share is that I have been taking the girls to story time at our local library & they love it. I am so glad we live so close & that they offer so many story times for us to attend. It really is nice to have them involved in something outside the house with other kids. It's only 30 min. 3 times a week but its still really nice. Yesterday Stephen took both the girls while I had my 28 week check up. He said it was neat & he to is glad we are taking them. Shiloh just loves it.

I am also looking to start her in ballet classes. I haven't had the chance to get her down to the school to tour due to us being sick but I hope to this next Tuesday & to get her signed up. She really enjoys dancing around & needs something special like this. So hopefully it all works out.

Yesterday I had my 28 week doctors appointment. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by.. it's actually really nice but now I know these last few months are going to drag because I am so anxious to meet Emma & to have my body back. Yesterday I had my glucose test, which let me tell you I don't know if its due to me being sick or just prego brain but I took my cocktail an hour too soon so I had to call & get everything pushed up.. oops good thing my doctors office was able to get it all worked out. For this appointment not only did I have my glucose test but I had to get my rhogam shot too. He also measured me & I am still measuring a week ahead. After my appointment I stopped & picked up a few things for dinner & then met Stephen & the girls for lunch. While at lunch I ended up getting really sick. Dizzy, sweating, feeling as though I was going to pass out & be sick all at the same time.. it freaked me out because I hadn't felt this way in some time. After about 15 minutes & some water I started to feel better but man how scary. It had me wondering though if I would pass my glucose. I have always in the past with Shiloh & Gabriella but for some reason this time I have this feeling I may not. So today I received the call & it confirmed my intuition I didn't pass the glucose so now on Tuesday I have to do the 3 hour test. I know most people freak out over this type of news & get scared but me I am not going to let it bother me. I have always known there was a chance I could have gestational diabetes due to my polycystic ovary so its something I have always prepared myself for. So we shall see what happens.

Other then that Gabbie's bumps are almost all the way healed & she hasn't had a fever again so that is a relief. I am praying that both girls just have the cough & sniffles & aren't going to feel the full sickness that I have the last few days because it is miserable! They seem to be doing pretty well though just sleeping more & at times more irritable. But I am pumping them full of vitamins & good nutrients so hopefully that will help fight this thing.

So here is my big ole belly at 28 weeks.. at this point I am down to only fitting into leggings.. even my maternity jeans are too tight ugh..

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Bumps

So this week was a little crazy. Sunday Gabbie had a fever of 101.8 which I have never had a child with that high a fever.. I know crazy. So we gave her some medicine & it went down. Monday she seemed fine back to her normal spunky self so I was relieved but I started noticing some bumps on her legs & arms but I thought it was just her sensitive skin acting up so I didn't think much of it. Then on Tuesday morning I noticed she had more bumps. Bumps that looked like chicken pox.. & so I became concerned & called the doctor. Here is a picture...

So of course I was watching her like a hawk.. googling every possible thing & it just made me freak out even more.. NOTE TO SELF: don't google medical concerns it will give you near heart attacks ha! Thank goodness the doctor was able to see us later that afternoon because my anxiety was threw the roof. So once we saw the doctor they assured me it was nothing to be too concerned over. She said it was caused from her high fever but nothing to be concerned about unless the fever returns. The bumps are caused from a viral illness that she is fighting. She said it is much like the chicken pox but it's not going to itch or scab like chicken pox. She said it should only last until the weekend & start clearing up. She also said that a warm bath will make it appear worse but not to be alarmed. She said it will not harm or irritate her & to let it play its course. So here we are on Thursday rash is still in effect & the only one it is bothering is her father & I because it just looks bad. But she is in good spirits staying hydrated & eating well & still full of energy. So I hope it starts to clear up soon.

I have a confession though & I feel silly for not knowing this.. but I had no idea that they now have a vaccine for chicken pox nor did I realize my children have had it.. haha.. man I need to pay better attention to this stuff.. or maybe I was aware & just forgot. I don't know I just was in shock when my husband & sister in law informed me of this information. Bad mommie I am!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Room Decisions

So I know my last post was about Emma & well this one is too ha! I really really wanted to do the bedding I had posted below this one.. but its on back order until April & well I need to have everything done before then.. so we went on a mission yesterday to find the perfect  bedding.. let me just tell you this is not as easy as it sounds. I could not find anything close to those colors or style :( We ended up at Pottery Barn to maybe get lucky & them have it.. but of course not that is just not how things go for us. But we did find bedding.. & of course it was PINK with green, yellow & even blue.. all colors I was trying to avoid because I use them EVERY TIME.. but what can ya do? So here is the bedding we decided on.. the best part about it is that we only paid $80 for it. We didn't get the quilt because Gabbie & Shiloh never used theirs so we didn't feel we should spend money on one.  So here it is.. I am still not In Love With It Like the other one.. but it will work especially since she is going to be sharing a room with Gabbie until we buy a home.

I also didn't do the sheet they are showing in this picture I did a dark pink one that is super soft. The sheet is like the bumper though. Once we get her crib & the room set up I will take some pictures of how we made it all look.

As for cribs I am so lost as to what I should get now. I was really trying to do something vintage or mod or even retro this time around & I am not even sure what kind of style this is.. country? So Here are a few cribs I am considering.. my hubby of course wants the cheapest one & I do as well but I also don't want any old cheap crib I want to like it too!

So here are my top three:

I like this Baby Mod one I found at Walmart for $169

the next one I am looking at is this one also sold at Walmart for $139
& then my final one I am considering is the one I originally wanted but when I found it at Babies R Us it was only $70 now they discontinued it & everywhere else its a lot more but I found it also at Walmart for $159

So what to do what to do.. I need your help in deciding please :) Let me know what crib you like best please.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Emma's Bedding

So I wasn't going to buy a themed styled bedding for Emma.. only because her & Gabbie will be sharing a room until we buy a house. But I thought about it & well if I don't buy it now I will when we move & that will be more money spent. So with that said I am going to buy it so I am not buying double bedding.

So here is the room I have put together so far..

So I totally found what I want to do & its way off from the pink & green's I normally do.. & I LOVE IT!!!

I already bout her Scentsy Buddy Ollie so it will all go together so well :)

I like this crib.. but still shopping around
sold at Ikea

I want this dresser for her room

sold at Ikea

& for now that is it.. until we have a house I think & I can put each girl in their own room!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time To Have Routine!

Ever since having Shiloh I have longed to have routine.. but I have failed everytime I start one. Shiloh has never been a routine type of kiddo.. humm I wonder where she gets that from.. maybe her mama.. hehe. Anyways.. I am at a point in my mommyhood that I I NEED ROUTINE!! Gabbie loves routine & for things to be repetitive.. when something is thrown in the mix she is miserable. So for her we have simple routines that are on task. For instance.. she goes to bed between 8pm & 9pm if not she will walk around fussy as ever guiding you to the kitchen for her milkey or to her room. She wakes up between 8am 9am in the morning. Some mornings she wakes up happy & content & will just play for a bit before we have to get her. Other days {especially if she has a nasty diaper} she will wake up & let you know "Hey MOM it's time to get up.. no more sleeping in" ha. Once we are up & start our day we eat breakfast then it's free play with toons on. Then by 10am no later then 11:30am she will let you know "hey mom it's time for nap" so down she goes.. some days I can get Shiloh to go nap but most days she will not. This is what puts mama in a bind because when they nap I nap.. & only because I am pregnant & have insomnia at night. So while Gabbie naps if Shiloh & I do not we work on puzzles, color or read. Then after about an hour of Gabbie napping if she has not woken up we go nap. Usually if Gabbie is not up within an hour of going down she is just taking one nap for the day & it can be a 2 to 3 hour one at that so that is nice. If it is just an hour she will take another one around 4pm for an hour or 2. Once Gabbie lets us know she is up we eat lunch.. the time for that is different some days it's either she napped for an hour & we eat around noon or she has napped for 2 to 3 hours & We eat around 2pm or 3pm.  I know it's a late lunch but hey that is when my kids sleep. Then when we are up from nap we usually do some laundry or I clean the kitchen & during this time music is playing & we are a dancing/singing household so that is the time when most of their energy is released ha. After about 30 min to an hour of that we then have free play & I take the time to catch up on a show, blog, FB, check email, place a Scentsy order or work on a photography project. I start dinner at 5:30pm or 6pm we eat once daddy is home then it's time to get ready for bed & quiet time. Shiloh is our late owl & is up until I go to bed.. & she is still in our bed {this is what we need to work on}.

I feel like our schedule works for Gabbie but not for Shiloh & myself. I need to schedule in more creative time & learning time & less free play & tv time. My energy level's are low but I feel like if we had routine it would help get me going & doing more. We run errands usually in the morning first thing after breakfast & spend most the day out then when we are home we are napping usually & once we are up its almost dinner time so I need something more structured.. for all of us!

So I found this blog Parenting with Mrs. Poppins & I am going to get on it to make this planner to fit my family & I really want to stick to it & be better about things with the girls. I think we all need it.. I think our household would spend less time being lazy & bored & more time learning & growing. So that is my goal.. I wanted to get to Target today but the hub has the car seats so this will be my to do list for tomorrow for sure!

Here is a cute pic I capture of the girls last night.. don't let their cuteness fool you though.. or their names ha... Shiloh or Shizilla & Gabriella & Gabzilla.. at their best!


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