Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Bumps

So this week was a little crazy. Sunday Gabbie had a fever of 101.8 which I have never had a child with that high a fever.. I know crazy. So we gave her some medicine & it went down. Monday she seemed fine back to her normal spunky self so I was relieved but I started noticing some bumps on her legs & arms but I thought it was just her sensitive skin acting up so I didn't think much of it. Then on Tuesday morning I noticed she had more bumps. Bumps that looked like chicken pox.. & so I became concerned & called the doctor. Here is a picture...

So of course I was watching her like a hawk.. googling every possible thing & it just made me freak out even more.. NOTE TO SELF: don't google medical concerns it will give you near heart attacks ha! Thank goodness the doctor was able to see us later that afternoon because my anxiety was threw the roof. So once we saw the doctor they assured me it was nothing to be too concerned over. She said it was caused from her high fever but nothing to be concerned about unless the fever returns. The bumps are caused from a viral illness that she is fighting. She said it is much like the chicken pox but it's not going to itch or scab like chicken pox. She said it should only last until the weekend & start clearing up. She also said that a warm bath will make it appear worse but not to be alarmed. She said it will not harm or irritate her & to let it play its course. So here we are on Thursday rash is still in effect & the only one it is bothering is her father & I because it just looks bad. But she is in good spirits staying hydrated & eating well & still full of energy. So I hope it starts to clear up soon.

I have a confession though & I feel silly for not knowing this.. but I had no idea that they now have a vaccine for chicken pox nor did I realize my children have had it.. haha.. man I need to pay better attention to this stuff.. or maybe I was aware & just forgot. I don't know I just was in shock when my husband & sister in law informed me of this information. Bad mommie I am!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Room Decisions

So I know my last post was about Emma & well this one is too ha! I really really wanted to do the bedding I had posted below this one.. but its on back order until April & well I need to have everything done before then.. so we went on a mission yesterday to find the perfect  bedding.. let me just tell you this is not as easy as it sounds. I could not find anything close to those colors or style :( We ended up at Pottery Barn to maybe get lucky & them have it.. but of course not that is just not how things go for us. But we did find bedding.. & of course it was PINK with green, yellow & even blue.. all colors I was trying to avoid because I use them EVERY TIME.. but what can ya do? So here is the bedding we decided on.. the best part about it is that we only paid $80 for it. We didn't get the quilt because Gabbie & Shiloh never used theirs so we didn't feel we should spend money on one.  So here it is.. I am still not In Love With It Like the other one.. but it will work especially since she is going to be sharing a room with Gabbie until we buy a home.

I also didn't do the sheet they are showing in this picture I did a dark pink one that is super soft. The sheet is like the bumper though. Once we get her crib & the room set up I will take some pictures of how we made it all look.

As for cribs I am so lost as to what I should get now. I was really trying to do something vintage or mod or even retro this time around & I am not even sure what kind of style this is.. country? So Here are a few cribs I am considering.. my hubby of course wants the cheapest one & I do as well but I also don't want any old cheap crib I want to like it too!

So here are my top three:

I like this Baby Mod one I found at Walmart for $169

the next one I am looking at is this one also sold at Walmart for $139
& then my final one I am considering is the one I originally wanted but when I found it at Babies R Us it was only $70 now they discontinued it & everywhere else its a lot more but I found it also at Walmart for $159

So what to do what to do.. I need your help in deciding please :) Let me know what crib you like best please.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Emma's Bedding

So I wasn't going to buy a themed styled bedding for Emma.. only because her & Gabbie will be sharing a room until we buy a house. But I thought about it & well if I don't buy it now I will when we move & that will be more money spent. So with that said I am going to buy it so I am not buying double bedding.

So here is the room I have put together so far..

So I totally found what I want to do & its way off from the pink & green's I normally do.. & I LOVE IT!!!

I already bout her Scentsy Buddy Ollie so it will all go together so well :)

I like this crib.. but still shopping around
sold at Ikea

I want this dresser for her room

sold at Ikea

& for now that is it.. until we have a house I think & I can put each girl in their own room!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time To Have Routine!

Ever since having Shiloh I have longed to have routine.. but I have failed everytime I start one. Shiloh has never been a routine type of kiddo.. humm I wonder where she gets that from.. maybe her mama.. hehe. Anyways.. I am at a point in my mommyhood that I I NEED ROUTINE!! Gabbie loves routine & for things to be repetitive.. when something is thrown in the mix she is miserable. So for her we have simple routines that are on task. For instance.. she goes to bed between 8pm & 9pm if not she will walk around fussy as ever guiding you to the kitchen for her milkey or to her room. She wakes up between 8am 9am in the morning. Some mornings she wakes up happy & content & will just play for a bit before we have to get her. Other days {especially if she has a nasty diaper} she will wake up & let you know "Hey MOM it's time to get up.. no more sleeping in" ha. Once we are up & start our day we eat breakfast then it's free play with toons on. Then by 10am no later then 11:30am she will let you know "hey mom it's time for nap" so down she goes.. some days I can get Shiloh to go nap but most days she will not. This is what puts mama in a bind because when they nap I nap.. & only because I am pregnant & have insomnia at night. So while Gabbie naps if Shiloh & I do not we work on puzzles, color or read. Then after about an hour of Gabbie napping if she has not woken up we go nap. Usually if Gabbie is not up within an hour of going down she is just taking one nap for the day & it can be a 2 to 3 hour one at that so that is nice. If it is just an hour she will take another one around 4pm for an hour or 2. Once Gabbie lets us know she is up we eat lunch.. the time for that is different some days it's either she napped for an hour & we eat around noon or she has napped for 2 to 3 hours & We eat around 2pm or 3pm.  I know it's a late lunch but hey that is when my kids sleep. Then when we are up from nap we usually do some laundry or I clean the kitchen & during this time music is playing & we are a dancing/singing household so that is the time when most of their energy is released ha. After about 30 min to an hour of that we then have free play & I take the time to catch up on a show, blog, FB, check email, place a Scentsy order or work on a photography project. I start dinner at 5:30pm or 6pm we eat once daddy is home then it's time to get ready for bed & quiet time. Shiloh is our late owl & is up until I go to bed.. & she is still in our bed {this is what we need to work on}.

I feel like our schedule works for Gabbie but not for Shiloh & myself. I need to schedule in more creative time & learning time & less free play & tv time. My energy level's are low but I feel like if we had routine it would help get me going & doing more. We run errands usually in the morning first thing after breakfast & spend most the day out then when we are home we are napping usually & once we are up its almost dinner time so I need something more structured.. for all of us!

So I found this blog Parenting with Mrs. Poppins & I am going to get on it to make this planner to fit my family & I really want to stick to it & be better about things with the girls. I think we all need it.. I think our household would spend less time being lazy & bored & more time learning & growing. So that is my goal.. I wanted to get to Target today but the hub has the car seats so this will be my to do list for tomorrow for sure!

Here is a cute pic I capture of the girls last night.. don't let their cuteness fool you though.. or their names ha... Shiloh or Shizilla & Gabriella & Gabzilla.. at their best!


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