Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scary Hospital Visits

So I tell you in the last week I have really become sick of seeing the hospital. I mean I know I am going to be there soon to meet my precious baby girl but I don't like having to go there in a panic because something could be wrong.

first lovely middle of the night hospital visit:
Last Thursday night (of course when Stephen is out of town) Gabbie gets a high temp of 105 after finding earlier that day she had a double ear infection once again. So after speaking with the on call nurse she told me take her in to be checked at the ER. I get there at quarter to mid night and thank goodness there was no wait because having to drag your 3 yr old and 15 month old out in the rain and cold in the middle of the night to wait in a cold and not kid friendly waiting room was not going to be my idea of fun.. not that any of this was. So we get there go right back to the nurse & of course by that time Gabbie's temp had gone down because the tylenol kicked in & I had given her a bath. So the nurse thought I was crazy but I was like hey I am just doing as her doctors office asked & she said did they know it was down when they told you to come in and I said yes I told her it was at 100.4 when we spoke, but because she was getting the chills she just wanted me to come in to make sure she was okay. So then we were all checked in and sent to our ER room and of course Shiloh is super freaked out. She is not a fan of hospitals. But I get her calmed. Doctor comes in and pretty much tells me there was no way her temp was that high & said she is fine to just keep switching from the tylenol to advil every 4 hrs. So me I am pissed.. I am not pissed that I brought her in but that he was doubting my ability to take an accurate temperature on my child. He didn't even check her temp again or anything for that matter just raised her shirt and said she doesn't have a rash again or anything & I said no he said okay well lets give her some Ibuprofen and I will print you out some info on how to control a fever and you can go home. I know I looked at him like he was crazy! I mean really? I came here for peace of mind to know my child is not going to have a seizure once her meds wear off in the middle of the night and all you are going to do is make me feel like an idiot. I was not happy.. but I didn't even want to look at him anymore so said "GREAT". So he left for about 45 min (this was the longest part of the entire visit) after that I was pissed and tired of waiting so I took the girls bundled them up and hunted him down & when I found him I was all "so are we going to get the Ibuprofen so we can go or did you forget?" he said he was just printing something up &the nurse should be in soon and she was like right behind me. He said I told you they were busy but I never hear that I swear he had said he would have the nurse come right in. I mean what could they have been busy with there was only 3 other people in the ER??? Anyways we got the med's & headed home. Gabbie was fine within 24 hours and is now still on the antibiotics for the ear infection but she is back to her self acting silly & being my little Gabzilla.

My second hospital visit within a week:
So hubby leaves again on Monday & I wasn't feeling super great but I didn't think much of it. Went to bed okay that night woke up Tuesday feeling good so the girls & I went to run errands & while at Fred Meyer I had a huge contraction. One I had to stop the cart for and actually grip hard on the the handle. I was like WOW that was weird. But I continued on my merry way with getting the few things I needed. I returned home got the girls settled & went to use the restroom & notices some not so normal stuff leaking (TMI sorry but hey I am pregnant). So I was like weird must be from that contraction. So I wiped and there was more lots more. So to be safe I started packing my hospital bag & called my doctor. Mind you I have had two completely opposite labors with my older two so I just wanted to make sure things were cool especially Since Stephen was out of town. The doctors office wanted me to come in just to make sure so I went in  a few hours later & had my SIL watch the girls. When I got there contracts where kicking in hard. I was getting nervous because I am only 35 weeks & my hubby was 3 hours away. If you haven't read my labor stories with my other two let me just tell you so you know when, it's go time its go time I pretty much sneeze my babies out. So I got back to the room and he checked me & did my group B strep test. He said well you are about 3 to 31/2 cm dilated & are 70-80% effaced and you have a good amount of blood flow so I am not going to say its for sure go time but I want to be safe & send you to L&D & you should go ahead and get Stephen home.
So I head over there call Stephen and he was on his way, call my BFF and she is on her way to sit with me & of course I call my mom & text everyone to pray & inform them that Emma wants to come now! I also posted it on FB which I highly regret because its just one of those things that are scary & with not knowing if I was in full labor I didn't want people to think I was being crazy and calling wolf which I wasn't I was just doing as I was told but I didn't want to put all the details on FB but of course I had some great comments and a few annoying ones but oh well that is what I get for posting anything. But anyways so I was put on the monitor & checked every few hours. I had some really strong painful contractions that when I was asked to rate them on the scale of 1-10 I rated between 2-3. So after a bit the doctor checked me again & I was still at 3 cm & she said baby is doing great but that she would come back in 3-4 hours and see what is happening then. So then they put me on an IV & fed me & after a few hours the contractions started going away & so did the bleeding. So by that time Stephen had arrived Mel was heading home & I was beat!! The doctor checked me again & I was still 3 cm so she asked how far Iive and I told her 10 min and so she said I can stay or I can go? At this point my SIL had already taken the girls to her house & I was tired & feeling confident that Emma wasn't going to be coming anytime soon so I decided I wanted to get home.
So off we went. Poor Stephen had to drive 3 hours and nothing haha but hey at least he made it.. it was a good fire drill. But we ate some dinner and went to bed. I woke up feeling not so great the next morning but I had to head back to the doctor just to make sure Emma was staying put for sure.
Doctor said things are still the same but that she probably wont be coming for another couple weeks so that was good. Having a 35 week baby is scary. Her lungs may not be developed all the way & that would mean she would have to transfer to another hospital after delivery &then I would and it would just not be an ideal way to welcome her into the world. I want her nice an plump with everything developed. So I am so relieved she at this point she is staying put! But for now I am suppose to be taking it easy.. which I am trying to do but we have so much going on its hard. Next week I think my MIL will be coming to stay with me which is a relief but I am hoping that Emma can stay in my belly until at least 37 weeks so I am going to do everything in my power to prevent preterm labor!!

But that is how my week has gone..  & I pray it only gets better from here because I really need a break!

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  1. Uh a 105 fever is alarming and shame on that doctor for making you doubt emergency care for that baby!
    I just said a prayer for the little one to stay put long enough for her to bake to the healthiest level!
    I feel for you with everything going on, I know how full your hands are, and I'm praying for a peace of mind for you too, Momma!


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