Wednesday, May 11, 2016

apart of my clean journey was to STOP BUYING processed food! I was sickened every time I threw them in the grocery cart knowing what they were filled with.. my top foods that I cringed about buying were snack foods for my kids.

I have been fortunate that my kids LOVE their fruits and veggies but buying them and keeping them fresh all week well that is another story. So I have had this food dehydrator in my Amazon wish list for months.. Too afraid to purchase because I wasn't sure if I would use it enough.. But a few eels again I finally decided that it was time to buy it.

I told myself I had to make at least one thing a week with it.. And so far I have stuck to my guns. On Saturday I bought some strawberries because they are inexpensive right now since they are in season.. But they go bad quickly. So last night I cleaned and sliced them up and put them on the racks set the temp to 375 degrees and let the dehydrator do its job over night.

So here my girls are snacking on their healthy no sugar added, no chemicals, or nasty harmful infredent strawberry chips.. I made twin half bins and they ate them ALL.

So easy, timeless and to me priceless knowing my kids are eating healthy snack alternatives.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dear Husband

To My Husband,

I didn't know you would be my forever love but I sure am glad you are...

If there is one thing I am truly grateful for it is the man you where when you came into mylife and the man you have become. You have never failed me, left me or made me feel less then who I was. Your love is the purest of loves and I am not sure how God placed you with me, but I am so thankful and blessed that he did. I pray for you, for our love and that for eternity we will always meet right in the middle as we always do. For your love is the gratest gift I have ever been given and I shall never take that for granted.

Most poeple search their entire life for just a glimps of the love we have... but we are lucky enough to have found it, build from it and grow from it, that now we are so solid, our foundation will never be broken!

Your Wife

Monday, May 9, 2016

Process of Illumination

So my kids can consume more stuff then most do in their entire lifetime. It just amazes me. This last month I have slowly been working on getting our home cleared of clutter and organized and a huge part of my home that leaves me feeling like ugh and overwhelmed is the bedrooms. I mean look at my youngest daughters room... would you want to play in here? would you want to even go in here? would you even know where to start to clean it all? that's been my problem and my biggest stress about cleaning.

So I have come to the conclusion that yes "Less is More" and yes its true the less you have the more you appreciate it. So my kids don't need millions of toys and clothing.. they just need a few.. they just need what they will really play with. So I started to toss and make piles of what to donate.
It took me sometime but man does her room look better and seriously I like that everything has a place and isn't just tossed in a toy box or open bins.

My process of illumination was I asked my self these questions:
  1. Do they play with it?
  2. Does it have meaning?
  3. Is it broken?
  4. Is it faded? 
  5. Does it fit?
  6. Would I honestly allow them to wear it in public? (I know it sounds silly but trust me some clothing items are questioned)
Then  I made three piles:
  1. To be given to my nephew and niece (the are younger)
  2. Donate
  3. Toss
After that I bagged them up and then started my organizing. I tried to keep the kids occupied with a movie or craft so they couldn't come in to reclaim items I decided we weren't keeping and that was it. Now this room seem put together clean and inviting.

What do you think? Now to move to the other kids rooms...

Sunday, May 8, 2016

No regret

So yesterday I finally did it. I gathered all our cleaning chemicals and I tossed them in the trash. I have been wanting to do this for months, but I couldn't strike up,the nerve not until I had something to replace them with, something better, something that left my house just as sparkly clean as they did.
I knew cleaning products where toxic, that they had harsh chemicals. I mean no wonder every time I took out my bathroom cleaner I would get a killer headache and a rash if my skin came into contact with it. But I had to kill off germs, and bacteria so it seemed to be my only choice. That was until a sweet friend of mine invited me to an online party she was having about some cleaning products that were suppose to be as simple as just adding water. I was like "um ok" but deep down I was like this is just another scam or joke, just trying to get people in. But out of support for her party I attended. Now my friend doesn't sell these products she just wanted to share them so I figured if I joined the party and didn't purchase no feelings would be hurt. So in the weeks leading up to the party the sales consultant shared information and videos. I watched a few but still didn't want to get pulled in because again I didn't want to believe that I didn't need harsh chemicals to clean my home with.

Then there was this post that had a video that shared what these simple cloths were all about, (just click here and I will share it with you all as well) and my gut said you have to learn more. So I started researching everything I could. I read all her post following that video and I read review after review and I can tell you everything I read made me more and more excited.

So I made my first purchase I logged in and bought the Household Package which I figured was all I needed..

But then I attended the online party and she shared more poducts and more information that I was again blown away by. I started reading reviews on the mop, the toilet brush, the paste, the blue diamond cleaner, the laundry soap and oh my I wanted it ALL! So now I am building my cleaning supply closet with these amazing products and I couldn't feel happier about it.

If you want to learn more here is the link to the company and product infor.. Norwex.

Oh and yes I did make the decision to become an indecent consultant for them because yes I am that passionate about their products.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Back to Blogging

I know it's been almost 3 years since my last blog post.. But here is a small catch up..

Hello.. Thanks for stopping by. I am sure you are reading this to see WHY I decided to start a blogging again.

I am still a stay at home mom to my three wonderful daughters who are truly the most amazing little people I know. My husband an I will cel grate 8 years of marriage on May 10th and he has been my rock through lots of life's roller coasters these last 3 almost 4 years.

I went back to work in 2014 when my oldest started kinder and we bought a home. I worked on and off for a while but ended up deciding to go to school last year to get my cosmetology license but recently I have had to face some medical challenges that have caused me to have to revert back to being a stay at home mom full time again.

Due to my recent diagnosis and with trying to find ways to live a somewhat normal life, I have decided it's time I clean up the way we eat, our daily routines and the products we use and start living a healthier, toxic and chemical free life to better improve the quality of our lives and health.

My blog has always been about our journey, our story and I want to continue that here on my original blog.. The one that is home to me.

I hope you follow in our journey and find our way is encouraging, educating and inspiring!


Thursday, October 31, 2013

I am Blessed

Last month I started really getting back to my faith. This entire year I have tried to get  back to it.. I felt lost. I felt alone & I felt like I was in this super dark place & that I just needed to find my faith again.

When you lose a loved one(s) so tragically its hard to accept. To deal, to forgive & to understand. For me I lost my faith.. I was angry. I was questioning why God would ever do this.. why would he take such a beautiful life away & her unborn child!

Then we moved to Texas. I started  looking for outlets.. I tried to get back to my sewing, I tried to start up my photography business here, I started drinking more & then I started feeling hopeless often. I felt like if something bad was going to happen it was going to happen to us to our family. In February I found out my dad had liver cancer, in July I found out my Papa (my mom's dad) has Alzheimer's, then the house we were trying to buy fell through, money was so tight I didn't know how we would make ends met, we were homeless & we just asking WHY? when we had lost so much already These illness, the let downs, the financial struggles again placed me/us in this dark place of feeling hopeless. After taking in all this news I told my husband we need to go to church more, we need to find some good in all this. I need to find me again, I need to find my faith again & I need to resort all this hopelessness with my faith & prayer. I decided I was no longer going to take on the challenge of reinventing my photography here in San Antonio, that I wasn't going to force my self to sit down & sew, that I wasn't going to waste more time & money on trying to sell Scentsy & Intitials, I told myself & made a promise to me that I was going to start focusing on what matters most. My family, My self & My faith.

We started going to church every Sunday & I started listening to the message at church. I started talking to him, praying to him & I started feeling this light at the end of this dark tunnel. I started feeling free & good & happy & I was excited, but I wanted more.

I then was asked to go with my sister in law to our churches MOPS group. I was nervous, I was unsure if I would fit in & I was scared. But I told myself its time to try new things, meet new people & to be more involved. So I went. Instantly I felt welcomed, wanted & apart of something special. Everyone was so open to having me there & so friendly.

One of my MOPS group mom's really just embraced me.. has always made it a point to talk with me, to say hello at mass & church activities. I have just felt this huge need to know her.

A few's week's back I started adding some of the mom's from my MOPS group into my Facebook world.. at first I was nervous because to some, I tend to over share on Facebook & maybe I do but like my blog its my outlet.. & its my safe place to say what I am feeling. But I honestly felt like I needed to let them know who I was without having to come out & say.. "Hi I am Melissa, I am a mother of three, wife to an amazing man & I am learning to live again after loss" I mean who says that ha! But I wanted them to know that I joined MOPS & I go every time because it helps me. It makes me feel like there is so much more then sadness & darkness in this life & that there are good people out there. I wanted them to know that I may appear put together but that I was secretly falling apart or at least trying to put myself back together. I didn't realize this fully until a few days ago that I needed people to know me.. the real me & our story.. because what people share & show on social media is most defiantly not the full story most of the time.

At our churches festival she made it a point to come say hello to me, at the moment I felt like WOW she remembers me, & WOW how kind of her to come over & say hello & ask how I was & it made me feel good. Then at church in the nursery she came over again & said hello & introduced herself to my husband. Then earlier this week she reached out to me on Facebook & asked for my number, so she could keep in touch with me. She also sent prayers to me & my family on Tuesday the anniversary of Sandra & Sierra's death & it just meant so much to me.

Then this morning.. I saw a missed call from her.. I listen to her message & her words really stuck to my heart.. "Hi Melissa, I just wanted to visit with you a little bit" I am not sure why but I got choked up. I stepped outside to call her back, she was instantly so friendly & so easy to talk with. She wanted to know more about me, she wanted to share her story & she told me that she has been very drawn to me. She said she has read my post, my blog & felt like she had this calling. She asked me if I was going to the ACTS Retreat this year & I explained that I was suppose to be on the waiting list since it filled up the first week. She said well, I know I told you I have wanted to go for some time but for some reason I don't feel its my time. I am signed up but I feel like I am suppose to give you my place to go & she asked if I would be able to do that. I was speechless. I felt like I was being offered the lottery but it was better then money it was an amazing gift.. It was like a golden ticket to the chocolate factory but in fact it was so much more. I wanted to scream in excitement & cry all at the same time. Her kindness, her loving spirit & her need to help me meant more then any money, meant more then all the chocolate in the world & it was a true blessing & gift.

I am still sitting here in awe over how amazing this woman is. I feel so blessed to be able to know such a giving, caring & loving person. I am still in shock over her kindness, her words & the gift she has offered me. I don't know if there is ever going to be enough to show her how truly grateful I am.

To be able to go on this retreat would be the most amazing thing. To be able to met, grow & learn with other women of my faith, I know will better me as a person, will heal the broken feeling inside, will fulfill all lost hope & will bring me closer to God.

I don't think I have ever been show such kindness from someone I just met. I didn't know that meeting her would bring so much joy to my life. I am forever grateful for her kindness & for showing me that their are true angels here on earth watching over us & who are drawn to us in some way or another. I know that God placed her in my life for great reason & this is just one of those reasons & I can't wait to grow our friendship & to give back to her someday the gift she has given to me. I am forever thankful to this women & I feel so honored to know her.


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